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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July 2016 - Our First Pool Party!

It's the Fourth of July!
Poor Levi still isn't feeling very well from the pneumonia, but we had such a wonderful time visiting with family and hanging out in the was HOT! I still pinch myself that we have a pool to share with our friends and family. It was all in all a really fun, relaxing day. Maybe Levi will be more excited about next year's 4th, ha!

 When we got that striped dress for Isabelle in Florida, I was already thinking ahead to how cute it would look for the 4th of July, ha ha! Happiest Big Sis on the planet. :) And I ask you, is there anything more adorable than a baby boy in plaid overalls? I think not.

Levi was fussy so I brought him inside to rock him and feed him, but first I put him in his car seat so I could use the bathroom and he was o-u-t in thirty seconds flat. Poor baby.

Not even my wild party animal antics woke him. ha ha ha 

So nice to see relatives that we don't get to visit with very often! This is my Mom's brother and his daughter in law and granddaughter. His son, Mark, is my cousin, who happens to be a US Air Marshall and was flying to either Amsterdam or Germany- he isn't supposed to tell anyone, not even his wife!, because of safety reasons. Caleb really, really wants to visit with him to hear all his stories! We'll just have to have another party!

Daddy and his baby boy - yeah, little guy's still not feelin' it

Levi loooves the pool! This made him happier for a little while.

I think this picture of Isabelle and her little cousin, Abby, is the sweetest.

You've got to have yummy food! I've made lots more things for previous 4th parties, like this favorite treat, but this year, for obvious reasons, we kept it really simple. Everyone brought a bag of chips and a drink to share, and we grilled hot dogs and chicken, plus had a few sides like pasta salad and veggie trays. And watermelon, lots and lots of good on a hot day!

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July, too!
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