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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Putting Holes in the {Freshly Painted} Wall

Today was the day.

Hammer in hand, nail firmly held in my lips- that sounds weird...does that sound weird?- eyes surveying the wall to find the perfect spot for some framed wonder of ours.

The pressure of it all!

Is that as hard for everyone else as it is for me? My heart starts pounding and my stomach gets all butterfly-y because I have worked so hard and I do NOT want to make a mistake and ruin it all. Ugh.

In all actuality, it is probably the best time to make any mistakes since the Spackle and gazillion cans of paint haven't even made it to the basement yet, ha! And of course I just realized that I didn't even take a picture of anything I hung up, so I completely botched the name of this post! Whoops! I suppose the world will just have to go on. Besides, I've got a great tip for you about hanging pictures- I'll share that soon!

There is one wall, just to my left in my newly appointed office area, that has me swooning. It involves some of my absolute favorites...artwork from my darlings! I am beginning to love this spot! That's nice too, finding new things & spaces to love in a new-to-you house.

Caleb was home sick today, so I had more time than I'd anticipated (since I couldn't go to Bible Study) to continue organizing, hammering holes in the walls, and basically just puttering around, thinking. Then it got busy, f-a-s-t. C & I picked up some more things at my in-law's house, Isabelle had gymnastics, and then we met up with the other guys at DD to hand over Jonah's soccer attire, as well as Caleb and Isabelle, and drove back across town so Ethan could see the orthodontist for a consultation. Yikes! Braces are wicked!

Sparkliest little gymnast in town!

I know this is a terrible photo, but I love it anyway-
it's very telling of the stages we're in right now

I have also realized something important: owning a dog is awesome.

Except when it isn't. Boo.

Things have come a long way since these were taken a few weeks ago...

...Stay tuned for pics of how it looks now! I can't wait to share & see what you think!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Moving Is Stressful...WHAAAAAT?!?!?

Oh yeah, it really really is!

And when I'm stressed, I cry. A lot. As in buckets.

I even try to hold it in, but that has had less than stellar results.
 I get a little gruff around the edges like this guy...

Or this one, grrrrrr. Or roar, I guess.
But I've also been super busy painting and putting away small-country-sized piles of clothes and ripping up floors and staring down the gazillion boxes taking over every square inch of the garage get the idea.  =)  Good stuff!

No house pics to share just yet, but things are moving right along. Just got the internet and phones back today and every single room but one has been given a fresh coat of paint, plus all the woodwork.

We are exhausted!

But it's going to be so worth it! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Looking Back on the 6th...Our Honeymoon

Lots of things happening around here today! Our kids have no school- because of election day??? yup!- so I'm hoping to head off early to cast my VOTE, stop by the grocery store, pick up a movie at the Red Box for a little surprise lunch date with the boys. Lucky Isabelle gets to hang out with Grandma in her kindergarten class all afternoon, which will give me a couple hours to paint. Score!

Did I mention new floors are coming tomorrow? Oh no? Well, new floors are being installed tomorrow!  =) We're still deciding on flooring for the entry, hall and dining room. We're also keeping our option open for the kitchen, though it really looks like we'll simply stick it out with the existing tile- I hired someone to deep clean them so fingers crossed they'll look brand spankin' new better! We'll know for sure by tomorrow afternoon I suppose.

Anyhoo. Today is the 6th of the month, so I'm taking a little look back out our earlier married days. I was going to share some pics from our honeymoon last month but I got a little sidetracked and ended up posting about a camping trip. I'll just go with it.  :)

Bill and I had just changed out of our respective dresses and tux into The Going Away Outfit. I still remember that wide-collared, French-cuffed white blouse, and I'd made the skirt the week before. Go me, ha! Clearly it had started to sprinkle, hence the umbrella, and our family and friends were blowing bubbles everywhere. In all honestly, it was a huge blur...I was just so excited I never let go of Bill's hand {or arm}once!

Outside the bed and breakfast in the White Mountains. I still look so excited and nervous, and YOUNG!
Isn't the inn so chalet-like and full of character? It was gorgeous! Princess Diana had either just died, or the funeral was on that day, but I remember every single news channel that night broadcasting something about Diana. Seems like such a long time ago!

Then we were off to Quebec City for the remainder of the week. The city was beautiful! So was the weather! I'm so bummed that we don't have any honeymoon pictures of us together- we just kept taking turns all throughout the city. Here is my handsome new husband!

I had just begun the school year and was afraid to ask for time off- as I said I was very young- so we stayed pretty close to home. I kind of wish we'd flown off to some all-inclusive beach resort...someday!

I have no idea what these dogs (or maybe wolves?) were called, but they were some big deal, let me tell you! We fondly referred to them as The Poopers- don't they just look like they're ready to...well, get to business?

Okay, after this lovely trip down memory lane, now I'm off for a busy day. Go vote!

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Design Question For You...& Other Stuff

Wow, things are really getting done at the new house!
And I am SOOOOOOO tired!  :)

I have a very important question at the end of this post too, so please help!

Jonah chose this gorgeous blue for his bedroom- it's called Rendezvous. Um, yeah. Lovely, ha!
He did an excellent job painting! I was a little nervous at first, but he did great!
 This is the first time Jonah has had his very own room in over 7 years! It's ginormous, too, with beautiful trees outside the windows and so much light.

The sellers were generous enough to leave the bunk beds, but, well...thanks but no thanks. I think their glory days were long gone. That sucker is outta here now!
 And that apricot colored wall back there? Gone!
That was also the color of the heater, but a can of appliance epoxy spray paint fixed it right up.

I thought I'd just throw this one in because it looks so fabulous. Talk about one hot mess!

And I had to throw this one in because it's just cute. This is what some of us do while others are working.  =)

It was my birthday on Tuesday. Nothing like a hurricane to make a girl feel super special! Which I totally did, and the party lasted for almost 2 days! Oh wait, by party I actually mean NO POWER.  Fun fun! But we had ice cream cake and I got a new camera! I've mentioned (more than once I'm sure) that it would be nice to have a fall-back camera that isn't quite so beefy and cumbersome for everyday shots. Sweet, right? I had had big plans to do a few special things on my birthday day, but the storm kind of threw a wrench in those plans. Maybe next week...

I was also surprised with flowers by a sweet friend! Thank you Kristen! xoxo
They are currently perched on the counter top in the new house- smelling so deliriously wonderful- where they needn't fear flower predators, I mean, the cats. A few blossoms and leaves took one for the team, but I think they'll make it.

The next day it was time for this...
 I know, I know, not a great picture, but we had so much going on! We walked through our new neighborhood to meet people- we have lots of friendly neighbors! I didn't even finish Isabelle's Princess Fairy costume, but the sweater hid that- I'll have to take a "real" picture- it is just the cutest thing!

And now for The Question...
I'm in a real pickle here, so I'd appreciate some feedback. 
Is it okay to have ultra bright white trim and a creamier, softer white for the door?
Here's a picture, though it doesn't do a very good job illustrating what I'm trying to show you:
I've only painted the raised panels so it's kind of difficult to even see the color tone, but I don't know if I can make it work. I prefer the creamier white, but I do not prefer having to go back and repaint every.single.door.casing, so I was hoping I could get away with it. Any thoughts? Can I get away with it?

I just have to clarify- I know the severity of the hurricane and the damage it caused. Losing power is nothing compared with losing your home. I get it.

Thanks for your help!  =)
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