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Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat

It's so much fun to look on past Halloweens and see the excitement in my little ones' eyes and faces..and it amazes me how quickly they grow! Though I have GOT to get myself a scanner because I think the best costumes were when they were very small- maybe next time you'll get to see those ones.

I decorated these basic bag years and years ago, and the boys still love them! With so much going on last year, I never got around to making Isabelle's...until now- I think it's pretty cute! It amazes me how user-friendly that puff paint is, because I am definitely not an artist, ha!

Trick or Treating at a friend's house, 2006
My 3 are to the right- Caleb was the cutest little Spiderman I ever saw, and that's the first costume I ever...bought, gasp! I know, I know, I'm a costume snob! Ha!

Hee Hee

Buzz Buzz
With an extra-large stinger, as asked by Jonah
(even though Caleb is modeling here)

My 2nd ever store bought...why attempt to outdo the "real thing" ie, built-in muscles?
Oh my gosh! They are the cutest things on little bodies!

We share/recycle many costumes here, hope that doesn't scar them for life!

This was last year's Halloween
I LOVE how Ethan's Minute Man costume came out, though it's hard to see the flounce on his shirt and the cute hat
My very first Halloween with my baby girl home...and I didn't even have it in me to make her a new costume- that's a well-recycled bunny, but she looked absolutely precious in it! She did refuse to wear the headpiece with ears, so I found a headband with ears at Target for a buck. Nice.

This year...
I've been working on this:

Guess who's going to be the cutest little LadyBug ever?
The boys are making it too easy for me...
a snowboard 'dude' - check
a chef - check
and a cub scout - check


Happy Halloween everybody! For more great costumes and festivities, be sure to visit Kelly's Korner!
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