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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beat the Heat With a {FROZEN} T-Shirt Contest

While I was stuck at the orthodontist's office last week waiting for Jonah, I noticed an article in Family Fun magazine that looked like, well, fun. Oh, and don't feel too bad for me. The office is nice and cool, there is a Keurig with my name written all over it, and an old video game set up for the other kids. Not the worst place to pass an hour or so on a sticky hot summer day. Anyhoo. The article gave me the idea for...
a family frozen T-shirt competition!!!
No no no, not that kind of t-shirt competition!  ;)
It's just good ol' fun for the whole family!

It was about 93 degrees that particular day, with humidity so thick it punches you in the face the moment you step outside. I asked each child to get me a t-shirt (not from the hamper, eww!), and I drenched them in the kitchen sink.

Next, wring them out a bit, fold up a few times, then layer them individually on waxed paper. I put my t-shirt pile in a grocery bag and popped it in the freezer to set all afternoon. Of course Bill would want to participate, wink wink, so I prepped his shirt with a sly chuckle.

The more you fold before you freeze, the harder {and more hilarious} it will be to pull apart!
The object of the game sounded so simple to all my naive, adorable children: unfold your shirt, put it on, and strut your stuff..and the first one WINS! Funny how the element of competition always gets 'em raring to go!

But it wasn't quite that simple after all.

In fact, it was really rather difficult to pry those frozen layers apart!

But persevered they did!

Chills and all.  :)

This was a terrific way to cool off and enjoy a laugh or two!
So what are you waiting for? Go freeze some t-shirts!  =)

linking up here & here for more summer fun!

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Sennie said...

Oh my gosh that looks like perfect fun for my crew!! Thanks, Bethany:)

Jenny said...

LOVE this idea! Can't wait to try it! THANKS!!!

Sew Simple Life said...

Hilarious! I def have to try this with my three kids. Thanks for the idea!

Sara said...

That looks like crazy fun times!!! Thanks for showing those cute kiddos off;)

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