Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Off to Camp!

This week feels strange already. Not bad, just...different. Yesterday Ethan and Jonah left for camp, and I'm really noticing how quiet things are this morning. I admit, I was worried about Jonah, wondering if he likes the boys in his cabin, how he slept, if he'd be able to sleep because of nerves- all that stuff. That made it difficult for me to get to sleep; plus it was so sticky hot all through the night, so I mostly I just laid there, thinking. At least I also got some cute toddler dress designs swirling around in my head at one point, so that calmed me down a little bit.  :)

We will continue to pray for them both, and I'm sure they are having a blast!

I have to chuckle at this picture...
...and this one...

Isabelle is such a sweet, loving, beautiful little girl- inside and out- but lately.... 
Well. Bring ear plugs, I suppose.
I'm sure it's a phase. But let's move it along, shall we?

And now I've got an injured Caleb- his wrist of course- about an hour before tennis camp begins. We'll see what happens.

I still can't believe I have only my youngest two this whole week! I've got some fun things planned for my little mini-family- I'll share later.

Oh, yes, I have pictures again. How 'bout that? 
It seems deleting tons and tons of pictures from the Picasa album wasn't the brightest idea I'd ever had. Now I have several posts with black squares where my precious photos used to be. I'll deal with that later. I did buy the storage for $2.49 per month, but I'm going to try to resize the pics in the album, which will solve the problem anyway. But not today! Today we're doing fun stuff!  =)

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