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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ethan's Tenth Birthday Party: Backyard Games Edition

We celebrated Ethan's tenth birthday with friends and family this afternoon, and as tradition stands, it was stinking hot and threatening thunder showers. I can't tell you how many parties this kiddo has had when the skies have cracked open with storms! I suppose it all adds to the drama, ha!
Ten whole years. Ten whole years!
He was just my sweet little baby, and I blinked, and now... he is double digits!
Ethan is a terrific big brother and an awesome friend to everyone- this kid has never met a stranger! He has the most easy going, friendly personality, is incredibly smart and talented, and we all love him like crazy.

Another tradition for this August birthday boy's celebrations?
The frosting melting right off the cake.Awesome. ha ha

After the guests arrived we enjoyed snacks. I wouldn't dream of admitting that we had spent the hot morning swimming and fishing instead of preparing for the party, so when the guests were filing in, I was putting the finishing touches on the cupcakes and cleaning up the kitchen like a mad woman in my bathing suit and cover-up tunic. I'm sure I was also sporting that lovely accessory...sweat! Ugh. So. Hot. Today.

We set out some snacks (Bill bakes the best nacho dish with cheese, salsa and olives), drinks and of course I'd forgotten to put out the plates and napkins. Fishing, people. And swimming. It has been SO hot this week, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it. We had plates and things eventually.

After snacks, we headed outside for games. Boys are SO much fun when their competitive juices get flowing and they have one thing in mind: winning! They look around, eyeing the competition, then play even harder than before. How I adore boys!!

Where was Isabelle Kate during all this? Sleeping! I know, I could hardly believe it myself, but she was so tired after swimming this morning. Don't worry, we got her up for cake and ice cream. :)

Nothing quiets a groups of boys like a little pie eating contest!
They were very focused and each one!

Cutie Caleb, who by the way, finally (finally!) lost that snaggle tooth last night

The proud winner
Look closely at those faces! HA!

(Note to self: bring paper towels outside beforehand, and bring more than you think you need!)

Next up, we played some fun lawn games, which felt really great since it was so stinking hot out.
Here they partnered up and had to squirt enough water into the cup to float the ball to the top.

This was taking a LONG time, so we let them get a bit closer as the game wore on. And on.
Finally they just started dumping the water from the squirt bottle and of course onto each other
Rule breakers :)

So nice to let little brother help blow out the candles

Signs of a fun party!

Jonah and Caleb helped me make this banner the night before - aren't my boys just the cutest?!?

I am obsessed with this picture. I just love how all our eyes are so different. I never would have imagined that I would have one day have three little boys with such gorgeous eyes- both my parents have brown eyes, so that's all I'm used to. It amazes me!

Thank you to all our family and friends for a great afternoon!!
 Happy Birthday, Ethan! We love you so much.

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