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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A Day in the Life ~ 2/5/19

Hi friends! I realize I haven't done one of these day in the life posts for a looooong time, and they're my favorite! I know the details fade and I'm so glad to have them written down to look back on again. Hope you enjoy reading about my exciting life, ha ha. :)

Normally I'm up and at 'em just after 4, but I hardly slept the night before so it was a little after 5 when I started picking up, finishing lunches, and going through photos....because I am currently obsessed with organizing files and such. It will be feel so good when it's done BUT. Ugh. ha ha

I've been eating these pan cooked apples and dates several mornings a week for a while now. So easy and delicious!

Doing a little "reading" while I move in the kitchen...

Making pancakes for the kiddos...

He refused to eat most meals yesterday so he was especially lovely this morning. Good thing he's cute. ;)

Morning sky at drop off. The temps reached 60 degrees yesterday!!!!

A happier backseat driver :)

Lots of mornings he still wants to be in his crib and read. So I used it like baby jail and grabbed a shower. I feel it should be noted that Caleb and I went to the gym Monday evening- I showered quickly but my hair was gross, ha! Speaking of hair, I may have given myself a hair cut because I am miserable with this stupid new cut from two weeks ago. She gave me the WEIRDEST layers and it was not working. At all.

Moving laundry folding!

And then the grocery store... he wanted my chapstick so he was puckering up! :)

Silly boy!

First daffodils of the season!!!

For me? Levi was chatting with ALL the people around us. Counting, singing, jabbering, you name it. He was feeling much more outgoing than normal.

I never mind grocery shopping...until it's time to put it all away. Check out that awful sand and grit all over. You just can't escape it until June around here, no matter how many times you sweep and vacuum!

I kept running back outside to watch him play

Lots of puddles- he got soaked, ha! And he loves chalk but didn't like drawing on wet pavement. Can't blame him there.

My Mom and Dad stopped in and had lunch, but Levi wouldn't eat a thing and was crabby. And naughty, so he got put to bed for a nap without any stories. That has happened only once before! He LOVES reading books! It was so sunny and warm, I opened up the door in our bedroom. Everybody was enjoying the fresh air. :)


Pretty view!

For some strange reason, I decided (on a whim) to organize some fabric while he slept. WHY??!! This was the worst of it, but Levi was having the best time playing out back on the deck. It's been over four months since we could do that.

Making tacos and quesadillas for dinner, and then driving Isabelle and a friend to basketball practice. The sky over this field is so pretty at sunset.

Someone discovered the art of "Timmmmmmber" and was having a blast.

Daddy told Levi that he'd give him a massage after his bath. What a good Daddy. :)

After reading and getting Levi settled, which took FOREVER last night!, I got the coffee ready for morning for Donut Wednesday and cleaned up a bit. I had just gone to bed when Levi screamed his head off so I ran in there to see what was the matter. He was out of it and hysterical, and I could tell right away that he'd pooped. That hasn't happened at night for a long time, so I took care of that but he still had a hard time settling back down. Shortly after, Jonah got home- his job scheduled a late night, which did not make me happy in the least- so I went down and chatted with him. Little did I know that I'd be sleeping on the couch within the hour because someone was unable to stop snoring- poor guy hasn't been feeling well and I didn't want to keep bothering him, so I went downstairs.

And that was my day!
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