Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thoughts, Life, and Lots of Pictures

The view from the window as I sit here typing looks much the same as it has for several days now...white swirls. New England is certainly making up for last year's tepid winter. The boys returned home last night (we're on February break) after roughing it up in Maine with my Dad- this is the second such trip he has taken with them, and I applaud him. Really! I think he's so brave, and I just love him to death for it. What memories they're making!

So I had an only child for a couple days. She totally fell in love with that!

And I hear my cardinal friend out there chirping loud as ever. He and Mrs. Cardinal have quite the early morning sing-song routine, and I can't even tell you how happy it makes me! What a treat to see those dashes of bright red amid the snowy white that stretches beyond every corner from the window.

I've also been thinking, a lot. About life, family, plans, dreams, and sometimes even past hurts. Some of that is the reason I'd begun a new blog in the first place. It's no secret I've undergone some major personal crises in the past few years, and I've never known quite how to handle it, "publicly" I mean. I'm not the type to write as if everything is perfect while my world crumbles around me. All I really needed was to know how, and if, God wanted me share those trials. He has given me some clarity in the matter, so it has been a learning experience and a lesson in faith, that's for sure.

Something in me shifted as I was rereading some past entries on this blog last week. I realized that I enjoy reading about the mundane, silly moments of my life as well as the birthdays and the vacations, all of the things intertwined with this beautiful family of ours. Those old blog entries did what I'd always hoped they would- they captured those memories for me. In a way, they have stopped time and let me linger in days long gone. And with pictures! That's all I ever wanted, and what I still want.

Anyhoo. All that to say I don't think I need a "fresh start" by starting up another blog. Maybe that sounds silly, maybe not. But this blog is where my heart is, where our memories are- good and, well, the not so good- and I think I would look back and really, truly miss it.

Now I've got a million and a half photos to post!  =)

 The last pic of Jonah with braces on!

 Looking GOOD!
We had to celebrate with ice cream sundaes before rushing back to school!

 Celebrating vacation week with Chinese food picnic & a movie

Lovely Baby Bear models for bonnets  =)

 The view from our kitchen Monday morning
Church was canceled due to the storm which lasted a full 36 hours!

 Fueling up for the guys adventure

 Isabelle adores her Grampy

 She looked so serious about her Word Find at Applebee's
Daddy and I had Princess Day with our sweet girl!

 Splish splash

 This was too cute!
They watched Tangled while I drove
I will add here that Isabelle has taken to whacking everyone (in jest) with her little blue plastic fry pan
For days now. HA!

 Bill got a teensy bit nervous as I snapped this while driving
It's an insanely curvy, downhill road

 The view from the church parking lot down at the bottom of the road

 Daddy was at work yesterday so Isabelle and Mama had Fancy Breakfast

 We made her yummy granola from THIS recipe

 Cheery daffodil

 Cheery girl

I hear trouble happy little guys upstairs so I'd best get started with the chocolate chip pancakes! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nor'easters & pretty things

Well we survived another one! I'm really surprised we didn't lose power, and sooooo thankful!! I pretty much stayed in pajamas all day long, baked a couple yummy things, and worked on a little Valentine's Day sewing project.

 I finally got dressed (when I had to) for Ethan's soccer game at 4 o'clock- it did feel good to get out of the house. I'm just not into winter this year, and I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to go outside in arctic, gusty air...which we've had LOTS of this winter.


Jonah had brought along his gear in case Ethan's team needed a sub, and he got to play with the big guys! He did last weekend too, but Bill and I could tell he was intimidated since he wasn't playing very aggressively. Well not yesterday! That boy was charging all over the field, had a couple of great stops and came very close to scoring! Ethan's team lost (by a lot), which is certainly humbling, but he moved up in leagues and is now playing against much harder teams. It makes my heart swell to the point of exploding when I watch my boys- now young men- out there, playing their hardest, an essential part of the team. I sit there smiling, nearly having to pinch myself because I just can't believe how my little boys are growing up so fast, and that's them out there!  No longer little, {adorably} uncoordinated, not sure which way to go or what to do, listening to other parents cheering on my much as I miss those younger days, this newer phase has its joys too.

Okay, now I'm late because I've been rambling on. I'm not even dressed for church yet and we leave, well, soon! Have a wonderful Sunday!  =)

Oh, here is a photo of the table runner I's on the other blog if you want to see more pics! So long!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

This and that

Word around these parts is that a Nor'easter is on its way. I'm actually hoping so, because winter without snow is just plain boring! Isabelle and I made a quick dash through the grocery store yesterday so we wouldn't have to deal with the masses today. I hadn't brought her to the store in a while since I'd been going while she was in school, so that was fun.

Celebrating 100 days of school this week! She was so proud of having cut out the glasses on her own. Except for the middle parts, because they was tricksiest.

We've also been baking and cooking over here like it's going out of style! I think I'll share some recipes on the new blog soon. You're welcome!  ;o)

Oh, this? Yeah, no, this is just regular cake from a box, gussied up a bit. It sure was good!

I am also thrilled to report that poor, itchy, miserable Caleb is now a FREE man! So long cast!
It looked awful sad in there...
adios smelly cast!

Bill and I had such a nice time at our little getaway last weekend. I'm going to try and make that happen on a regular basis because, well, I just need to! We love our children so much, but there is something so energizing about leaving them- and the responsibilities- behind for a little while and just doing whatever the heck you want! No cooking, no cleaning, no refereeing....bliss!

Luckily we found a...
 Soooo good!

I'm working on my sewing area too, so it's easier to sit down and sew something here and there without it being such a production. That helps a lot, and I've been excited to get lots of things completed this week. I'm working on a small table runner (really small, so...more like a jogger, I guess) for Valentine's Day- okay okay, that one has been taking slightly longer, but that's because it's quilted! I haven't quilted anything for a long, long time, and I'm eager to get reacquainted with it.

Isabelle made the cutest card for Mrs. Murray and her new baby! She is one of the secretaries at the elementary school, and she is just the nicest, friendliest person, so we became fast friends. I am deliriously happy for her because she had all but given up hope of ever having a child, and God surprised her (totally- she was 4 months pregnant when she found out!!!!!!) with a son! Such a miracle! Baby boy was born on Monday, healthy and happy. I can't wait to meet him!
Of course when I went to wrap this, could I get my hands on even one little gift bag or roll of non-girly wrapping paper? So we went with it, and I think it looked okay.
Who loses gift wrap??? I know I have it, just can't locate it!

So there you have it! If it doesn't snow tonight I think we will all cry because we're already geared up for a snow day tomorrow- who doesn't love a 3-day weekend?

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