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1 Corinthians 3:17

Thursday, February 7, 2013

This and that

Word around these parts is that a Nor'easter is on its way. I'm actually hoping so, because winter without snow is just plain boring! Isabelle and I made a quick dash through the grocery store yesterday so we wouldn't have to deal with the masses today. I hadn't brought her to the store in a while since I'd been going while she was in school, so that was fun.

Celebrating 100 days of school this week! She was so proud of having cut out the glasses on her own. Except for the middle parts, because they was tricksiest.

We've also been baking and cooking over here like it's going out of style! I think I'll share some recipes on the new blog soon. You're welcome!  ;o)

Oh, this? Yeah, no, this is just regular cake from a box, gussied up a bit. It sure was good!

I am also thrilled to report that poor, itchy, miserable Caleb is now a FREE man! So long cast!
It looked awful sad in there...
adios smelly cast!

Bill and I had such a nice time at our little getaway last weekend. I'm going to try and make that happen on a regular basis because, well, I just need to! We love our children so much, but there is something so energizing about leaving them- and the responsibilities- behind for a little while and just doing whatever the heck you want! No cooking, no cleaning, no refereeing....bliss!

Luckily we found a...
 Soooo good!

I'm working on my sewing area too, so it's easier to sit down and sew something here and there without it being such a production. That helps a lot, and I've been excited to get lots of things completed this week. I'm working on a small table runner (really small, so...more like a jogger, I guess) for Valentine's Day- okay okay, that one has been taking slightly longer, but that's because it's quilted! I haven't quilted anything for a long, long time, and I'm eager to get reacquainted with it.

Isabelle made the cutest card for Mrs. Murray and her new baby! She is one of the secretaries at the elementary school, and she is just the nicest, friendliest person, so we became fast friends. I am deliriously happy for her because she had all but given up hope of ever having a child, and God surprised her (totally- she was 4 months pregnant when she found out!!!!!!) with a son! Such a miracle! Baby boy was born on Monday, healthy and happy. I can't wait to meet him!
Of course when I went to wrap this, could I get my hands on even one little gift bag or roll of non-girly wrapping paper? So we went with it, and I think it looked okay.
Who loses gift wrap??? I know I have it, just can't locate it!

So there you have it! If it doesn't snow tonight I think we will all cry because we're already geared up for a snow day tomorrow- who doesn't love a 3-day weekend?

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