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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Organizing My Kitchen For Cheap

Last week I decided to empty every cabinet and pantry shelf. I was regretting that until about 2 o'clock in the afternoon when things finally started looking {a little} better. The cabinets here are gross. No other way to put it. They actually make me cringe. For real. So I tried to make things better using what we already have...I did buy some Command hooks, and they were worth it!

This transformation took me the whole day, but I think it's at least a slight improvement.

I even made an adorable collage to commemorate the occasion. See?

Ooh, pitter patter! Seeing the pretty yellow on the undersides helps, too. A lot.

Okay people, do not let this happen to your shelves. Please and thank you.
Major ick! 
The one above shows the grime, but the other problem is the breakdown of the laminate "layer," thus creating a breakdown of the particle board inside. That leaves you with an uneven and bumpy, discolored surface. It's not awesome.
But THIS is awesome!
Isn't she just the happiest, prettiest little cabinet Ever now?!?
I was totally inspired by Jen over at IHeart Organizing when she decorated cereal boxes for her drawers, so I began thinking of the many containers we had, literally sitting out in the recycle bins. Did I mention that it never got above four degrees outside today? I fished through those bins awful fast!
I bet you can see them if you glance at the picture again. Super easy and fast to do! I may have patted myself on the back once or twice. Or squealed a little. But whatev.

 Two Command strips later, and voila! 

 Prettified International Coffee container

 Ah yes, the mess that was my entire kitchen All.Day.Long!

See those little hooks inside the cabinet doors on the left? Go get some! They can do this...

The metal hooks adjust so they can hold almost anything! Love them! Love getting random stuff off shelves and out of drawers! Our dust pan, square fry pan and some other things are now vertical, and that has really given me lots more cabinet/drawer space.

Don't look closely at that, mini dishwashers must be slacking off, ha!
I love little storage containers too. I think these plastic ones were 3/$1 a few years ago.

Metal baskets work well in smallish drawers too...

And wire lifty-up shelf-things...

Some baskets to house like items that would otherwise wreak havoc in my tidy space...

I'll share just this one picture of the pantry. Again, this was a zero-dollar improvement, and it's still isn't very pretty to look at, but I'm super thankful to have one.

We don't have a mudroom or large entry way for coats and winter gear, so I tried to get a little creative with that too- it works! (And it only has to be here throughout the winter months!)

Now I'm off to do a little sewing for my cutie pie, and maybe {finally} get dressed.  =)

Have a super day!

I wrote a post about updating our tired kitchen on a budget in this post if you'd like to read it.
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Emily A. Clark said...

Looks great. I'm craving some organization in my kitchen, also. (I have the same icky shelves...) Thanks for linking up :)

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