Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snapshots of my afternoon

this last picture should give you a little hint if you didn't figure out what the first photo was....

And seriously, more snow? Tomorrow is my birthday and we are expecting 8-10 inches! No thank you!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Snowy Pumpkins

This was quite the surprise this morning!
My poor, down-trodden little mums...I don't think they're going to recover from this one.

Someone was a little anxious to get out there...with every article of winter clothing on he could find!

On the way home from dropping Ethan off at school, Isabelle informed me that she cannot wait until we get "lots and lots of snows, so I can stick my tongue out and lick it!"- ha ha ha
Careful what you wish for, little girl! I don't think your Mama shares your enthusiasm just yet.

Isabelle's curly, very wild hair is finally getting long enough to pull back like this....luuuuuuuve it!
She is pretty excited because she gets to meet her new little cousin Naomi today! I had better go make sure my battery is fully charged because I'm hoping to get a little photo shoot while I'm there...I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just A Rainy Day

I had been waiting for the leaves to turn a little more before taking fall portraits of the kiddos,'s raining now so we just might lose all those pretty leaves before I get the chance. I can't help but think back to one of our first fall pictures I did with all four of my babies- aren't they soooooo cute?

I love this picture!

Monday, October 17, 2011

What a day!!!

I've really been struggling lately. I'm not able to share details, but I feel pretty wiped out from many different sides. It has been a really hard place to be.
It's also really hard to share my heart, yet at the same time, keep certain things private.
It's kind of...funny- no, that isn't the right word...strange to be in such chaos in some aspects of life, yet in other aspects experiencing peace and contentment. I've just tried to write what I'm trying to say at least four different times now, and nothing is coming out quite right.
I know God is with me. In fact, I think He is carrying me. And today was an all-around good day, despite the problems that remain.
There were several victories concerning one of my boys, which is a HUGE answer to prayer! I love that God delights in ALL the details, not just the big, obvious ones. Isabelle had a play date with a friend while I had a much-needed chat date with her Mom. It always feels so good to be heard, I mean really heard, doesn't it?

A wonderful phone call from another good friend, and a beautiful, brisk afternoon outside with my children and our neighborhood friends really made me smile. And be thankful.

We gathered leaves to stuff inside little "goats" to hang outside

Jonah enjoyed a game of Solitaire

I let Caleb have the camera- isn't this picture great!?!?!

cute little ghosts

such a big girl! Caleb took this one, too!

greeting Ethan after his school got out...I believe he had just called me a dork here because I snapped about 20 pictures right in his face at the time, ha! he says it in love, just like when I call him a dork or a moron or some other term of endearment. Hmm, that sounds awful, right? I promise, we're totally joking and laughing...

patting Bella the bull dog

football with friends

Jonah is the king of that rip stick thing! do your kids do that?

Oh, and I almost forgot!
I have a brand new niece! Congratulations Kristen (Bill's sister) and Rory!
Sweet little Naomi Louise, born yesterday on my Mom's birthday!- a whopping 15 days early! She's perfect!

I love my Mom so much! I hope she felt special and loved yesterday! xoxo

Saturday, October 15, 2011

National Day of Remembrance and Loss

So many of us have endured the loss of babies in the womb, in our hearts, and even in our arms.
The loss leaves an ache that never dulls, never strays too far from consciousness.

While I claim to believe that God's plan for my life is perfect, I do have my times of struggle and doubt. Pain stinks! Loss stinks! It has unraveled me like nothing else ever could, and I know I'm not alone.

But I really do believe in God's promises, and time and time again, He has proven to be faithful and merciful. My heart breaks for those who are suffering without those promises to cling to.
I am clinging to them right now.

The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.
James 5:11

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I never want to forget some of these moments...

The other night, Jonah, after showering in my bathroom (for way too long I might add) snuggles up beside me, insisting I sniff his hair. Finally, I inhale. I don't recognize the scent. 
I used your new stuff, Mom. Smells pretty good, doesn't it? he announces with a come hither smile.
My new stuff?
Yeah, the orange stuff.
Um, that's my new exfoliating body wash, buddy. But you do smell totally great! And I bet your scalp got a good scrub, too.  hee hee

Isabelle had some more tummy distress yesterday but firmly announced that she does NOT have worms. Worms!?!?! Seriously, where did that come from????

 On the way to preschool today, she points out all the Halloween goats in people's front yards.  =)

Caleb informs Isabelle that she cannot marry him because he is her brother, and that's against the law. But who will be my prince? she objects. 
I don't know because I am already Mom's. 
Because clearly marrying your mother is perfectly acceptable moral and legal conduct.

Ethan smiles and gloats about yet another endearing quality he has (I wish I had a dose of his self-esteem!).
Right, because you ARE God's gift to women, aren't you?
Without batting an eyelash he says entirely seriously, Of course!
Lest I doubted.

Throughout the course of one week, at totally separate times and occasions, somehow the topic of girlfriends comes up.
Oh? I ask. And who would that be?
Which one? they all reply.
Big, deep breath.

I will fight you for them, girls.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Parks, Farms, and other Fun Things

Sometimes I look at Isabelle and I am in absolute and utter shock that she is turning five in two months. I don't even like writing out that number. It's too much! I'm not ready!
She is such a sweet, smart little girl...and a really great gymnast, too!

We've also been visiting local farms. We went with my sis-in-law Kristen one morning, and it was another gorgeous day. Auntie Kristen will be known as Mommy in the next few weeks!! She and Rory are expecting a baby girl and we're so happy for them. Isabelle has been quite confused about the whole sister-versus-cousin thing, but she is finally figuring it out. Cousin/Sister Abby has helped clue her in. =)

There have also been some fun excursions with Mimi and Grampy...cousin Darianna came along for this one!
A family visit to my alma mater, the University of New Hampshire, for a Wildcats game- we crushed Villanova! Go Cats!
I had to keep backing up to fit them in the picture, and I"m not sure the people I kept traipsing in front of were all that thrilled about my this is the best I got. All my other pictures are on the phone and I don't know how to upload those on here. Story of my life!
I was about to gobble that little girl of mine up in that oversized pink baseball cap- she looked so cute! I shared my hat with her because that midday sun was just brutal! I loved hearing my guys all cheer and really get into the game! Afterwards I took them on a little tour of campus, to some of the places where many of the scenes in my novel take place. It was quite a trip down memory lane!

There have been sunny after-school trips to the park for the past few weeks. Sometimes they just need to Run. It. Off.

Someone even learned how to roll his tongue...
Ha Ha Ha

Then I look at THIS boy and I simply cannot believe that he is turning into a young man! His feet are the same size as mine (I wear a 9 1/2 or 10) and his voice now sounds like a man. Some days I can handle it and am so proud of the adult he becoming; other days I long for what once was.

 I even got to take two of my boys on a date! We went to the movies (after buying treats from the grocery store to smuggle in of course!) and saw Dolphin Tale. It was fantastic! Better than I'd hoped for! I will own this movie for sure! It has become so hard finding good, inspiring family-friendly films, and this one fits the bill.

And since nobody had school yesterday...we ventured out for one last homage to summer hoorah. The weather has been unseasonably warm so I decided to take full advantage of it! Of course I forgot my camera at home, and I haven't yet figured out how to get the pics from my phone,'ll just have to trust me when I say it was such a beautiful, beautiful day! We explored around a completely vacated beach, took in the vibrant colors and sea breezes- it was awesome! My trusty guidebook deceived me (yet again) and we ended up on an unexpected 4+ mile trek around the entire lake! The boys each took turns encouraging Isabelle and carrying her- it was the sweetest thing to watch ever! I was so, so proud of each of them!

And now I'm off...Halloween costumes are beckoning...  :)

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