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1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, October 28, 2011

Snowy Pumpkins

This was quite the surprise this morning!
My poor, down-trodden little mums...I don't think they're going to recover from this one.

Someone was a little anxious to get out there...with every article of winter clothing on he could find!

On the way home from dropping Ethan off at school, Isabelle informed me that she cannot wait until we get "lots and lots of snows, so I can stick my tongue out and lick it!"- ha ha ha
Careful what you wish for, little girl! I don't think your Mama shares your enthusiasm just yet.

Isabelle's curly, very wild hair is finally getting long enough to pull back like this....luuuuuuuve it!
She is pretty excited because she gets to meet her new little cousin Naomi today! I had better go make sure my battery is fully charged because I'm hoping to get a little photo shoot while I'm there...I can't wait!


Marcia said...

I couldn't help but grab my camera this morning too to get the snow and the colorful leaves in the shame shot. I love your carved pumpkins with snow on them. We haven't carved yet, we're always last minute on that. What fun to do a girls hair! Pretty! Have a great day.

Jenny said...

SNOW...seriously! I am so jealous!!!! Wish we could enjoy just a little of that this year!

Ryan V. said...

Your pumpkins are frozen with snow and ours are wilting/rotting in the sun before we even get a chance to carve them!! Last week was in the 90' we're in the 80's! I think I would prefer "real fall", you know, with temps below at least 60! ha! That shot of the colored leaves and snow is soooo pretty! I really do miss seeing snow!

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