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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tutorial #2 for a Little Girl's Summer Nightgown...with EASIER Angel Wing Straps!!

Good rainy morning y'all!
I'm finally getting around to sharing this tutorial, and just in time for summer sewing!

My first summer nightgown tutorial can be found here.
 I still love that nightie! This nightgown is made in exactly the same way,'s EASIER & FASTER!
Well, the straps are anyway.

Follow the guidelines for making the bodice of the nightie from the first tutorial. Since you're working with elastic, you don't need to fret over exact measurements and such. You can literally use a pillowcase as your guide, adding a few inches here and there as needed, but that'll get the job done. (Cut out 2 rectangular pieces for a ruffle if you want to add one.)

Alrighty then. Onto those easier angel wing straps. I love the look of the original ones, but these are faster, easier, and less...tricky.
You will still need to cut the strap pieces with a slight curve or arc, but this time you will need them to be a little longer. Why? Because these babies are going to become your all-in-one adorable angel wings!

Step 1: Cut four {4} curved rectangles, between 10-12 inches long, no more than 4 inches wide

Step 2: place two {2} straps Right Sides Together and stitch along the straight edge and the curved edge, backstitch at all ends, and leave the ends OPEN
See, it doesn't have to be perfect! You'll be trimming to perfection in a minute...

Step 3: turn strap pieces out and iron neatly- choose which side you want to show on the finished product and iron with that side on top to make the edge really smooth (make sure you have one for the left and the right!)- now trim to perfection {hee hee}and stitch the casing for the elastic
I used 1/4" elastic, so I made a casing for that size- next time I want to use a wider elastic, so I'll make a wider casing **also, you can easily fold the fabric in half and cut 2 pieces with a curved edge, thus omitting the need to cut 4 strap pieces, sew the curved edge RST as you would normally and continue from there**

Step 4: cut two {2} pieces of elastic for the casing
Since my strap pieces are about 12" long, I cut 9" pieces of elastic, and used a safety pin to pull them into the casing. Now is a good time to check the size of the strap and adjust accordingly; once you've determined the length you need, stitch in place at the end just like before.

I do have one recommendation, learned from trial and error of course: don't cut your elastic pieces too short or else they'll cause the strap to curl up too tightly, and then they won't lie flat against the shoulders.

**see that wonky stitching? ? ?  DISLIKE! I'm going to amend that momentarily, but I wanted to show you a side-by-side of the straps**

Step 5: this part will sound a little bizarr-o but stick with're going to turn up the ends against the RIGHT side of the strap, the side that will be showing out
If you've been sewing for any length of time, this feels very counter-intuitive, but trust me!

At first I tried to turn up the ends twice for a proper finish, but the thickness made the stitching look all wonky (as in the above pic), so I took that out and simply folded up once and zig-zagged the edges. I folded up a bit higher than I should have...oops!

Step 6: Fold up again, so all raw edges are hidden, pin to the bodice, and then stitch those angel wings in place!
I start at one side, securing the "tail" of the thread in each new stitch, do a few extra stitches at each corner for good measure, up the other side, and then across the top.

If this intimidates you, give it a try anyway! It will channel your inner pioneer! Or, you'll like it because if you're a control freak like me, this gives you complete control. Besides, it's hard to sew through all that bulkiness with the machine!

 Just keep sewing through all those layers! Look for places where you can make the stitches blend right in, and it'll look great! It does take a little bit more time, but I think the results are well worth it!

Now you're done! Your princess will love it!
Perfect for twirling.
 And posing with adorable puppy dogs.

Go ahead and make one! You'll see LOTS of smiles from the little girl who gets to wear it!  =)

Last night, it was finally warm enough for Isabelle to wear her special white nightgown, and she was absolutely giddy! I loved watching her twirl and twirl, and listening to her squeal and giggle.
Every little girl needs a pretty nightie (or two...or three...)!!!

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Paula @memakeythings said...

Thank you for posting this. My girls often wear our old t-shirts to bed cause I never seem to have enough nighties for them. I think I'm going to have a "nightie factory" day and get some of these done!

Unknown said...

Thank you for linking up to A Crafty Soiree :) I've featured your project in the newest one, please come check it out. It will be up after midnight tonight EST.

Tiana said...

Do you think this would work if I made it with jersey knit fabric? Maybe that seems like a silly question, but I'm very new to sewing.:)

Shauna Bevan said...

Absolutely! I am going to make some for my granddaughters in tricot for a soft silky feel. Might need to alter the little butterfly wing sleeve a bit with tricot, but doable :)

Kath said...

Thank you!!! I'm new to sewing and just made one of these nighties out of eyelet because my granddaughter wanted one to 'match' her American Girl doll's. It's sooo cute!

Unknown said...

Love this Idea. Just so you know I think my dog has a twin. The dog you have in that pic looks just like my griffin!

Unknown said...

I made this nightie today. Thank you for posting this fun, easy to follow tutorial. That was very generous of you. I admit I bade some boo boos along the way, but my next nightie will be much easier now that I have the main idea. This was fun. Your little girl is a darling little beauty.

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