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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Halloween Recap...Better Late than Never!

Ugh. How on EARTH is Thanksgiving next week??!!

Here is a little catch up from, oh, Halloween. Even though half the free world has already decorated for Christmas.

I was afraid Levi wouldn't like his penguin hat and refuse to wear it. Boy was I wrong! He LOVES it and wants to wear it all the time. From sorting laundry to taking notes, ha ha.

He likes the costume too, although he did put up quite a fuss about the orange feet. At least I got some cute pictures with them on first. :)

I was definitely inspired by Make It- Love It's version, but then put my own spin on things and I'm thrilled with the outcome.

Love this view!!

All I did for Mary's costume was hot glue some flowers from JoAnn's on the hat (found here on Amazon) and tie the red ribbon around her neck. I ordered the Peter Pan collared shirt and black pleated skort from The Children's Place during a 50 percent off sale, and she can wear them again for school concerts. Win win!

They looked so cute together!!

I just remembered that I've got several still on my phone...but I'm in a hurry and need to get some orders done before Tiny Tornado wakes up from his nap. :) Hope you're having a good day!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy birthday... to me!

Yesterday was my birthday. 44. Wow, that sounds old. But I don't FEEL old, well, at least not most of the time. ;) It was a very full, fun day of celebrating.

I was thrilled when I was up around 3 (Levi, ugh, that part wasn't so thrilling...) and saw the moon shining so brightly and the stars just twinkling everywhere I looked. We've had so many foggy and rainy nights this month, and I guess I've taken for granted seeing those beautiful night skies. The sun was shining for a little while in the morning, but then the winds picked up and it got dark and cloudy. Oh well. It didn't rain buckets so I was a happy girl.

I made plans with this college student weeks ago to meet up for coffee. I was so happy to see him! I know he misses me (I hope he misses me!) but I KNOW he misses Levi. It always seems so much harder to be away from the littler ones, don't you think?

Funny boys :)

He wouldn't smile and show his teeth. We paid an arm and a leg for those teeth and I want to see them! ha ha So handsome!! (Maybe it's weird to not share where he attends school, but it feels like the right thing to do, for me, so that's why I cover things up.)

Then I met my parents for lunch, and I've got to admit, I was nervous about Levi in the restaurant. He was a monster in RI last week. But he did a great job! He basically ate popcorn and drank his milk, and wouldn't touch anything else. Well, except the giant brownie sundae at the end. He had no problem choking that down. ha ha ha

These pretty roses were waiting for me when we got home!

I picked up Caleb from school around 5:15, when his driver's ed class gets out, and the sun popped out again. It was stunning! I made him drive me up to our favorite hill and he gladly obliged.

Just a little bright!! ;)

Yup. This is me at forty-four. I've been doing a little soul searching/digging, and making some changes. I feel good!

Back home for take out and ice cream cake, one of my favorites!

It was a great day and I have so much I'm thankful for. I'll be back with Halloween details...they looked so, so cute!!!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday Favorites... Getting Ready for Halloween!

Busy busy week over here, certainly with its ups and downs, but here are some of the favorites! I'm joining in with Friday Favorites today for the first time in a loong time... I used to get more blogging done and I love this little online community but lately I feel so out of the game, so to speak, and I really miss it. If you're reading, hello! I'm really glad you're here! :)

Finally getting outside!!
This October is the coldest, wettest October on record, and it kinda stinks. We haven't been able to get outside as much as we're used to, and knowing that winter is on its way sooner rather than later...well, normally we live outside during the month of October. Hooray for spontaneous breaks and playing in the backyard!

I feel like I haven't shown my face around here in a long while, so, hey! :)

Story Time Thursdays! 
I adore our little library and all the friends we've made each week.

Watching my kiddos do things that inspire them! 
Jonah has been volunteering at a nursing home for a school community service project, and he thrives there. I got to see him in action on this day when I went in to sing along with his playing. The sweet elderly ladies are IN LOVE with him, and it was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Fall colors!
Despite the rain and grey skies, the colors this year are out of this world gorgeous! I did snap some pics on the few sunny days we've had.

School drop offs - it was pouring when we left the house, and by the time we got to this hill, the sun had begun to rise up our of the dark grey was AMAZING! It's blurry, but I was driving, so...oops!

Road trips!!
We headed over to Rhode Island to tour colleges on Wednesday. It was a LONG day with Levi, who slept zero seconds in the car, ugh, and I certainly paid for that all day yesterday, BUT it was a really nice day spent together with our Jonah.

College looks pretty good on him, right? I can't believe we are here. AGAIN. Make it stoppppppp!

Exceptionally weird weather day in RI too, but we saw this on the way home!

 Making memories with family!
My Mom knits all our Christmas stockings around here, and yesterday was the big trip to pick out his very own yarn for his stocking. My Mom, Mimi, was telling him he needed to choose one, ha ha. (I have a few that I use as loaners until they're old enough to choose their own colors, ha!)

Sports Life!!
This girl had a fabulous field hockey season, and she really loves the game! It was fun to watch! They had their big tournament day over the past weekend- they lost in over time, and for some reason, she seemed to take that loss much harder. There were other losses throughout the season, so.... ha ha

Halloween costumes!!!
Here's a quick look back at last year's theme! So much fun! I'm excited about this year and I'm almost done sewing, just in time for our town's Halloween Party tonight, ha! You'll have to check back to see! It's not an all out family theme again, but Isabelle reaaalllllly wanted to match Levi again, and since he has no opinion in the matter, sure! :)

You can find me on IG @bethanylivs_life too :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx
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