Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I never want to forget some of these moments...

The other night, Jonah, after showering in my bathroom (for way too long I might add) snuggles up beside me, insisting I sniff his hair. Finally, I inhale. I don't recognize the scent. 
I used your new stuff, Mom. Smells pretty good, doesn't it? he announces with a come hither smile.
My new stuff?
Yeah, the orange stuff.
Um, that's my new exfoliating body wash, buddy. But you do smell totally great! And I bet your scalp got a good scrub, too.  hee hee

Isabelle had some more tummy distress yesterday but firmly announced that she does NOT have worms. Worms!?!?! Seriously, where did that come from????

 On the way to preschool today, she points out all the Halloween goats in people's front yards.  =)

Caleb informs Isabelle that she cannot marry him because he is her brother, and that's against the law. But who will be my prince? she objects. 
I don't know because I am already Mom's. 
Because clearly marrying your mother is perfectly acceptable moral and legal conduct.

Ethan smiles and gloats about yet another endearing quality he has (I wish I had a dose of his self-esteem!).
Right, because you ARE God's gift to women, aren't you?
Without batting an eyelash he says entirely seriously, Of course!
Lest I doubted.

Throughout the course of one week, at totally separate times and occasions, somehow the topic of girlfriends comes up.
Oh? I ask. And who would that be?
Which one? they all reply.
Big, deep breath.

I will fight you for them, girls.



Ryan V. said...

So funny! girlfriends already!? :)

Jenny said...

Too funny!!! Love your kiddo's!

Marcia said...

Love this post! These are the moments to cherish and remember always.

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