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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Putting Holes in the {Freshly Painted} Wall

Today was the day.

Hammer in hand, nail firmly held in my lips- that sounds weird...does that sound weird?- eyes surveying the wall to find the perfect spot for some framed wonder of ours.

The pressure of it all!

Is that as hard for everyone else as it is for me? My heart starts pounding and my stomach gets all butterfly-y because I have worked so hard and I do NOT want to make a mistake and ruin it all. Ugh.

In all actuality, it is probably the best time to make any mistakes since the Spackle and gazillion cans of paint haven't even made it to the basement yet, ha! And of course I just realized that I didn't even take a picture of anything I hung up, so I completely botched the name of this post! Whoops! I suppose the world will just have to go on. Besides, I've got a great tip for you about hanging pictures- I'll share that soon!

There is one wall, just to my left in my newly appointed office area, that has me swooning. It involves some of my absolute favorites...artwork from my darlings! I am beginning to love this spot! That's nice too, finding new things & spaces to love in a new-to-you house.

Caleb was home sick today, so I had more time than I'd anticipated (since I couldn't go to Bible Study) to continue organizing, hammering holes in the walls, and basically just puttering around, thinking. Then it got busy, f-a-s-t. C & I picked up some more things at my in-law's house, Isabelle had gymnastics, and then we met up with the other guys at DD to hand over Jonah's soccer attire, as well as Caleb and Isabelle, and drove back across town so Ethan could see the orthodontist for a consultation. Yikes! Braces are wicked!

Sparkliest little gymnast in town!

I know this is a terrible photo, but I love it anyway-
it's very telling of the stages we're in right now

I have also realized something important: owning a dog is awesome.

Except when it isn't. Boo.

Things have come a long way since these were taken a few weeks ago...

...Stay tuned for pics of how it looks now! I can't wait to share & see what you think!

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