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Friday, November 2, 2012

A Design Question For You...& Other Stuff

Wow, things are really getting done at the new house!
And I am SOOOOOOO tired!  :)

I have a very important question at the end of this post too, so please help!

Jonah chose this gorgeous blue for his bedroom- it's called Rendezvous. Um, yeah. Lovely, ha!
He did an excellent job painting! I was a little nervous at first, but he did great!
 This is the first time Jonah has had his very own room in over 7 years! It's ginormous, too, with beautiful trees outside the windows and so much light.

The sellers were generous enough to leave the bunk beds, but, well...thanks but no thanks. I think their glory days were long gone. That sucker is outta here now!
 And that apricot colored wall back there? Gone!
That was also the color of the heater, but a can of appliance epoxy spray paint fixed it right up.

I thought I'd just throw this one in because it looks so fabulous. Talk about one hot mess!

And I had to throw this one in because it's just cute. This is what some of us do while others are working.  =)

It was my birthday on Tuesday. Nothing like a hurricane to make a girl feel super special! Which I totally did, and the party lasted for almost 2 days! Oh wait, by party I actually mean NO POWER.  Fun fun! But we had ice cream cake and I got a new camera! I've mentioned (more than once I'm sure) that it would be nice to have a fall-back camera that isn't quite so beefy and cumbersome for everyday shots. Sweet, right? I had had big plans to do a few special things on my birthday day, but the storm kind of threw a wrench in those plans. Maybe next week...

I was also surprised with flowers by a sweet friend! Thank you Kristen! xoxo
They are currently perched on the counter top in the new house- smelling so deliriously wonderful- where they needn't fear flower predators, I mean, the cats. A few blossoms and leaves took one for the team, but I think they'll make it.

The next day it was time for this...
 I know, I know, not a great picture, but we had so much going on! We walked through our new neighborhood to meet people- we have lots of friendly neighbors! I didn't even finish Isabelle's Princess Fairy costume, but the sweater hid that- I'll have to take a "real" picture- it is just the cutest thing!

And now for The Question...
I'm in a real pickle here, so I'd appreciate some feedback. 
Is it okay to have ultra bright white trim and a creamier, softer white for the door?
Here's a picture, though it doesn't do a very good job illustrating what I'm trying to show you:
I've only painted the raised panels so it's kind of difficult to even see the color tone, but I don't know if I can make it work. I prefer the creamier white, but I do not prefer having to go back and repaint every.single.door.casing, so I was hoping I could get away with it. Any thoughts? Can I get away with it?

I just have to clarify- I know the severity of the hurricane and the damage it caused. Losing power is nothing compared with losing your home. I get it.

Thanks for your help!  =)


Ryan V. said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad you still had some ice cream cake haha. I love the blue for Jonah's room. And about the door and trim....I like the creamier color better, but I totally understand not wanting to paint all the trim! Our new house is wood-tone trim and doors and it's one thing I don't like about it! I wish I could paint them all white, but with brand new carpet, I do NOT want to take on that project! ALL the houses up here have the wood colored trim and doors. Anyway, I think it might look a little funny, white right next to cream, but I think you could get away with it. It would probably just take a little while to get used to. I don't think it would look bad.

James Gibson said...

Hi new to your blog from the weekend blog walk I'm looking forward to your posts. I'm a daddy blogger and I blog about my wonderful family.

thoennes5 said...

I think the door and trim should be the same color.

Karen of Little Red House Designs said...

Sadly I agree they should match (and prefer the creamier look) BUT in the grand scheme of things put it on the bottom of the list and get to it another time.
All the rooms look great!

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