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Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Time

There's nothing like warmer temps and a little sunshine to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.  We've practically lived outside the past several days!  I'm glad, too, because the forecast is calling for 1-3 inches of the cold white stuff later today.  I know it won't stick around long, but it's still such a morale killer, ha!

These two just crack me up!  Sneaks and Luke are never very far from one another, and I think they've just discovered the big, plump robins that are back in town...and all over our yard.   :)

Enjoying a picnic on the run!
I spent almost four hours shopping {alone} the day before, and this adorable dress caught my eye, but I passed it by several times before deciding to get it...I'm so glad I did!  Isabelle looks SO cute in it!  (And it was on clearance, less than $5!!!!!)  She wore it to her little friend's birthday party Saturday morning, too, so it's already paid for itself, ha!

Bill made plans to take Jonah and Caleb out to dinner and to go shopping for baseball necessities on Friday night.  They were so excited!!!  Isabelle was a tad bit jealous, but I told her we'd do a fashion show with her new clothes from the day before.  Win Win!

But first they enjoyed some play time outside after school...don't even ask what this boy is doing.  I have no idea!

Pushing snow down the storm drains- everyone's favorite spring activity!  Bye bye snow!  This was also the very first day I let them wear shorts- that's always a big thrill for us cold-weathered folks!
Scooters and skateboards bring big smiles too!

Poor Ethan stayed home from school on Friday and was miserable all day Saturday.  We took the other kiddos to the library and for a long stroll through town, but it never feels the same when someone is missing.  Especially when that someone is sick!  He was such a trooper yesterday after church (yes, he stayed home from church too) when we headed up to a new trail to hike.  He didn't complain once, and secretly I was really hoping the fresh air and maybe "sweating it out" a little bit might help him in the long run.  I'm not so sure about looks like I'll be calling Dr. Faulkner this morning, as he's picked up a nasty cough and says he can't swallow.  Don't I feel like Mother of the Year for pushing him yesterday?

It took almost an hour to get there- Blue Job Mountain over in Northwood, near Strafford and Nottingham- but the book I have says it's an easy climb with fantastic views at the top.  It was!

See how high up the tower was?  I actually have quite the predicament when I hike trails with fire towers because I know that in order to get the good views, you have to climb stairs.  Rickety stairs.  Stairs you can see through and envision yourself slipping right down through and smashing against the crags below.  The guys thought they'd be funny and start jumping and shaking the railings when I climbed up to meet them.  Oh yes, you are so, so funny, fellas!  How funny is it when I lose my lunch on you, hmmm?

We kept referencing the audio book we've been listening to since our trip to PA, and at one point, I noticed a huge cloud of smoke rising upward.  Naturally that became our "rescue fire" so the planes overhead would see us.  It was fun imagining those things together!

It wasn't fun, however, on the way home when we were stopped behind what we assumed was a car accident; it wasn't.  As we got closer, we could see that someone's house was completely consumed by flames and there were seven or more fire engines all lined up ahead of us.  It left a lump in my throat as I thought of that poor family and prayed that everyone was safe.  That must've been the smoke cloud I'd seen earlier and was playing adventure with- I had no idea it would turn out to be something tragic, and it made me feel really bad.

Oh, I forgot about Saturday night- we asked Bill's parents to watch the darlings so we could go to Tilton (to return some of the things I'd bought and didn't bother to try on, sigh) and use our big coupons again.  Ooh, the excitement, ha!  It was fun to do whatever we wanted, go as slow or fast as we wanted, and talk about stuff.  Sometimes I forget how much I like talking with Bill because we don't get the chance to say much before other people are weighing in, fighting for their time to talk too.

This pic is from our hike, not our big Saturday night out, obviously.  :)

Last night we planned to try balancing some eggs on the table, but only Caleb and Ethan got to participate.  I hate this part of parenting, it kills me.  But I dislike the reproachful behaviors more, so I'm sticking to my guns.  It doesn't make it any easier though.
We got 4 in the end!  Ethan had already given up and was watching Funny Videos, but Caleb persisted and tried so hard to balance his own.  I was rooting for him, but it didn't happen this time.  He enjoyed watching though!

And now it's time to put in more laundry, check on the sickies- oh yes, Jonah is home today too, though I don't know how sick he really is...-, call the doctor's, get to the grocery store, do some Monday cleaning, and hopefully get in another hike or walk with Isabelle.  Whew!  I'd better get moving!  Happy Monday to all!

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Anna said...

Beautiful pics! I especially liked the cats looking out the window. :)

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