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1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tomorrow is a new day

Hah! I'm watching Minute to Win It with the boys and there was just a commercial on TV about your period. Ethan is over there fighting a smile while Jonah and Caleb are completely clueless. I couldn't help myself so I asked Caleb what he thought that was, and he piped up and replied, "Oh, I think that's when a girl gets really, really mad!" Hee Hee

We rushed through dinner to get to the pool for a quick after-dinner swim, but there was a sign on the fence that someone had had an accident so the pool was closed for the night. That makes me so mad! I know accidents happen, but it seems to happen an awful lot lately. And on the hottest days, of course!

So no swim for us and we headed to Lowe's instead. I know, just as exciting, right? Meanwhile, the clouds started rolling in and the thunder began to rumble, so we got totally drenched racing across the parking lot. That counts for something, doesn't it? We had to replace a shade that broke in Jonah's and Caleb's room. And I got a new folding chair for the beach. Productive trip!

We were on a roll, it was still hot (and wet) so we decided to go to Target. They've been remodeling the store for a couple months now, and it is not my happy place lately. I don't like change, and now I have to relearn where everything is...or is going. We were looking for a new gas grill, but they were all sold out. So we got...candy! Yup, a bunch of candy was on sale, and I grabbed a few bags. I don't normally do that. The kids were really shocked when I opened some up and handed it over to them on the way out of the store, ha!

It was nice to end the day on a good note. But it was not a very good day. There's a lot going on and I just didn't handle things well. I wished I could hide under a rock...or just under my pillow. But the more I tried to "hide," the needier and more persistent they all got. Isn't that always the way? There was nothing I could do or say to please anyone today, so by noon I was ready to give up. Blech- nobody likes days like this one! I sure hope tomorrow is better!

And right this very minute, I just realized I completely forgot that for years ago today we got our sweet baby girl's referral. I'd wanted to do a little something to celebrate but I just forgot what day it was...well, we did have candy in the Target parking lot!
This was one of the pictures of Isabelle that I never even saw until we'd returned home from Guatemala- our agency never sent us pics from her first five months, so what a wonderful, amazing surprise to be given a CD at our embassy appointment in Guat with every single photo ever taken of our little baby girl! Look at that beautiful little face!

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Jenny said...

Look at that precious sleeping beauty!!! What a doll...then and NOW!!!

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