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1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Friday Friday!!!

Oh boy am I so happy it's Friday! We had a very busy morning - after a busy week- and I'm just wiped out!

It all started with the pudding pie I needed to bring to Ethan's school because I couldn't drive him there today. So I tossed it on the floor of the car (okay, carefully placed it) for delivery later.
I had to get Isabelle up early today, which caused the occasional traffic jam in the kitchen and bathroom, because we were going to meet up with her preschool class to see a play across town.
At 7:30, four of us piled into the car, which I don't think has happened even once this year. AND, it was the first time ever having Ethan leave home alone, I mean on his own. Didn't like that part so much.

Here is the pretty girl all dressed up to see Rapunzel, waiting for the boys' All School Meeting to begin.

Caleb got to address the whole school by reading the first morning announcement! He did great, but he sounded a little gruff, like you'd better listen or else. Do I see law enforcement in his future?

Isabelle Kate spied Jonah and was gone in a flash. I'm glad I had my camera already ready to go.
I must say, I wish it were like this at home all the time.
It is not.

Caleb had something else to read, which I knew nothing about until he got up there! Silly boys- they leave out a  lot of details!  :)
His little hand kept coming and going out of his pocket...he was nervous! But he spoke clearly and well.

Isabelle and I had to dash out right after the kids performed one song from Aladdin, the musical they've been working on for months now. It was about 8:40, which of course was a few minutes later than I'd wanted. We may have driven a tad hastily.
There were several school buses lined up at the theater so I knew we were in the right place- I tend to fret about things like that when I have to meet up with people; but Isabelle's teacher, Miss Maria, saw us and waved us down to where they all were. Isabelle was SO excited about this play, or rather, meeting up with her little friends to watch a play in a fancy theater. They wiggled and giggled A. Lot.
Little Miss could not sit still for even a nanosecond!

The play was very cute, but I knew Isabelle was waiting for the "real" play- she wanted it to be like the movie, which is definitely was not- so she wasn't terribly impressed. We said goodbye to our friends after walking out to the cars and then headed to Ethan's school for pie drop-off. I was relieved it hadn't slid around the car during our, ahem, hasty drive across town!

Ryder sure was glad to see us when we finally got home! I brought him outside and when I came back in, Isabelle had begun writing out a list of things that he isn't allowed to do, such as eating the couch. Which he did yesterday. Sigh. At least it's an old couch, and listening to her reciting her little list made me chuckle. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without her in it.

One of my friends in the blogosphere, Jenny, is adopting a precious little girl from China in the coming months. She has such a wonderful heart- I love reading about her family!- and while adoption truly is a miracle, it is quite costly. I know her blog is much more popular than mine is, but if you haven't already read about their fundraising endeavors, please hop on over and take a look. The post is here. Happy Friday!!

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