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Friday, June 22, 2012

SUMMER 2012 LIST & Our First Heat Wave!

I've been too busy with the kiddos to post our summer list! We're having our first official heat wave, so we've been outta here this week!

Yesterday we beat the heat with Mimi at Hampton Beach...

 Those two were in the water the WHOLE time! Just like their Mama! 

Our count for the day was 1 hermit crab, a dozen or more crabs & 5 starfish!
I don't know why, but we'd never brought our goggles to the ocean before yesterday, and they found all that underneath our feet while swimming! Cool and kinda scary at the same time!

Mr. Too Cool for Words and Mimi

Little Sassy Pants took to the boogie board and was a champ! She looked so cute and giggled SO loud!

There's just something about that little black cuff on her wrist that just kills me! It looked so stinking cute on her!

I will always remember how much fun I had with my Mom, getting smacked in the face by ginormous waves more than once, I might add, ha! We just laughed and laughed all day long! I love my Mom!
Ethan did a great job with the picture, right?

We got to the beach early, mainly because I was trying out my new NH State Park license plate and wasn't sure how big the parking lot was at this particular beach, so I was anxious about not finding a parking spot, AND that they wouldn't let us in for free with the new plates. Plenty of parking and FREE FREE FREE! Great way to start out a sticky hot day!
The tide was out and there were miles of sandy real estate when we arrived. By noon, the tide was almost in, and all you could see were people, more people, and millions of colorful umbrellas set up along the shore line. Crazy! But we had a blast!
I should've snapped a picture from our car, looking down over the sea of umbrellas- it looked so neat!  =)

I'm trying to enjoy a slow, peaceful morning at home, but my crew is not exactly making that easy. Argh. That's my nice way of saying they're driving me crazy. At least it's Friday!

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