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Monday, December 21, 2009

Turkeys, Trees, and Recycling Furniture

Okay, first things first...being the genius that I am, I choose Christmas week of all weeks to ransack, rearrange, and recycle furniture from one room to the next.  Did I mention that it's also vacation week, so I have tons of extra "help" here?  Hmmpf.  Sometimes a girl just wants to be left alone in the midst of her mess, figure it out, and get crackin'!  Am I wrong?

I wish I'd taken some before pics to show the changes, but alas I didn't, so you'll have to imagine.  I discovered a great new blog this past week - Transforming Home - and she totally inspired me (I'll bet she doesn't know that!) to start tackling those areas of our home that really bug me.  I mean really bug me.  So gung-ho I went, knowing full well that I still have presents yet to be wrapped, cards yet to be addressed and sent, dresses yet to be hemmed, jammies yet to be sewn...and I like it!  It feels pretty good, at least for the moment, and it was FREE!
Long story short: the TV stand (Bill made me that!) now houses the mittens and stuff, which used used to sit in boxes on the tiled floor (Bill did that too- the carpet got so gross there); I dragged up an old table thing my Dad made when I was little and plunked the pitiful TV (used for games) on that; the room still looked pretty dumb because last month I moved the one chair from here into the family room, where it fits much better, but there is still a large ottoman to sit I'm embracing the office/mudroom/music room/play area/craft room with gusto because I'm not entirely sure what else to do with this space!

At least the kiddos got to benefit from some of my creative juices this morning before my clean fest began.  I have decided that the gingerbread tree (or house) in a box, complete with all the trimmings, is the way to go for this family!  So much fun, so little prep time!  Looks cute, right?
We still have to add the snow

And of course, as we sat down to create our tree masterpiece, Ethan spied a turkey out back.  Those things have grown!  They are GI-NOR-MOUS!  We counted about 13 in all- there used to be around 25 that would waddle their way into the backyard, and across the front, and down the street...quite comical actually!  We noticed one turkey flat out on the snow, not really moving, and the boys got nervous.  We are an incredibly animal-sensitive family, and it made me smile to listen to the boys' contemplating their rescue mission for the bird.  The oldest 2 threw on boots and coats, and ran out in their jammies.  It became apparent that there was nothing wrong with this turkey, except that now it's scared to death because little boys are chasing after it to rescue it, and it ran.  Then it FLEW!  They all flew!  I didn't know a turkey could do that!  I mean, they aren't the most agile things, and they're hefty, but they could fly!  We watched one up in a tree for quite a while, stretching its wings and such.  Pretty cool!

Here they are now...

Here they were as little turkey babies...

They're still pretty big, but I can't find the pics of them when they were teeny, and as I've already shared, I do not have all the time in the world to spend hunting up (nice pun!) photos of turkey babies

But it will bug me, because they were so cute!

Mmmmm, someone else enjoys watching turkeys too!


Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

Thanks so much for reading my blog! It is great to know that people (other than me) are enjoying it.
Your house is looking great! I know how you feel - sometimes I can't do ANYTHING until things are re-arranged, re-organized, or picked up. I also try to do a clean-up right before Christmas, in anticipation of the mess that follows.
I love your blog and will follow! It is always nice to read about other families and moms that are dealing with the same stuff I am.
Happy holidays to you and your family, and thanks again for mentioning me! YAY!


Kristine said...

Your pictures are wonderful and your children are absolutely beautiful...your kitty too!

Loved your gingerbread Christmas tree! Your kids did a great job. It looks like the picture on the box.

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.


Julie said...

O.k. so this rearranging story brought back memories for me. Hmmmmmm a certain dorm room and apartment. Your creative moments can come at any and night :). Too funny. Loved what you did with your looks great!

Φιλιώ said...

Beautiful home!Love your tree!
Merry Christmas to you!

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