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1 Corinthians 3:17

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The First Baseball Game!

Last night was our first official baseball game of the season!  It didn't even faze them that they'd missed the one and only practice, and then Saturday's game was rained out, so last night they were raring to go!  I felt really proud of my Jonah and Caleb, and I cheered my little heart out for my guys!  (Yes, I'm one of those loud "way to go, great job, awesome hit" ones...does that really surprise you??? hee hee)

Here they are after rushing through dinner, getting dressed, and waiting to head to the field by 5:45.

Ready To Go!!!
Here are Jonah (4) and Caleb (15)
I just loved how excited they were
and it made my heart happy to listen to them cheering on their teammates
Caleb at bat
 great swing- he made it to base

J-Boy getting ready

foul but a great hit

Caleb running the bases
He made it all the way home!!!!!!

Brothers on the field
Jonah's ready for action

Oh how I was praying that they would have fun and not be nervous- I was nervous enough FOR them!- and do their best!  I love watching them and cheering for them!  I was so, so proud of my boys!  The game ended up tied, 7-7, and it only went through the 4th inning!  It was excruciatingly sssllllooooooooowwwwww, but still exciting!

Ethan was pretty pleased to spot some friends there, so they were all off near the woods playing catch and running around like crazy...before he ditched us, he'd been hanging out with his brothers, encouraging them.  It was another proud Mama moment for me.
This wild one was tearing around the place like a maniac!
She sure slept well last night!

There was a bit of drama/trauma, however, when it was time for me to leave~ I needed to get to church for our Grace Group, and I was already several minutes late.  My Bella girl was not exactly ready for me to go.  Many, many tears shed.  Sorry, Baby.

I hear she got over it pretty quickly- Grandma and Grandpa were great distractions!

I was practically running out to my car, and then I wondered if Bill had one of the car seats for her in his car.  I yanked mine out, run over to his car, see that he does have one already, and run back to mine (breathing harder by now!).  As I put the thing back in the seat, I said, out loud!, "Remember to attach that tomorrow!" and hurried over to church.  It was a wonderful night spent with wonderful, godly women.

Of course it wasn't until I was sitting at Mom to Mom at church this morning -I know, I'm so holy- chatting it up with friends when I remembered needing to buckle in the car seat...whoops!  Space cadet.

Oh, did you notice the BRAID in one of the pictures?
It's teeny tiny, but it's a braid!!!!!!

Have a great night!


Mandi said...

I love what a great picture your camera takes! I think it's time to update mine!

Shauna and Ben said...

Looks like you have a couple of serious ballplayers on your hands! Great pics. Love the braid!

Marcia said...

Yes, now we moved on to baseball! My littlest starts this year so I'm excited for him. It's so hard to fit everything in for the kids and ourselves. Maybe we'll pass each other at the baseball fields sometime soon. Oh, I love the photo of Isabelle holding the book.

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