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1 Corinthians 3:17

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Breakfast with Daddy

Since Bill rolls on outta here by about 4:45 am each morning, having him home for breakfast is a BIG DEAL.  Yesterday he had a late meeting, so we stole him for the morning!

We love having Daddy home for breakfast!
Hello boys...and Mater blankie!
Notice anything different about Caleb?
We let him get a tat. Don't worry, though, it's a cross. Right over his heart. So it's all good.
Aww...and doesn't Jonah look SO stinkin' cute with the new buzz cut?  Love it!  He says he's much cooler now!  :)

Others weren't quite so enthused about the early morning...

Isn't that the picture of morning happiness and cheer?  Yup.  Mornin' sweetie, don't drop your breakfast!
It's actually quite uncharacteristic for any of our boys to, well, sleep beyond 6 am, but this preteen must need his beauty rest, as Bill had to jab at him a few times to get him up (I made Bill do it- he wanted to let the poor kid sleep, but I just knew he wouldn't want to miss out.) Doesn't he look super excited?!?

Food makes it all better.  :)
Meanwhile, Jonah is happily jibber-jabbering away in the background, now after seconds (or thirds) for breakfast!

Where was Isabelle you wonder?
Hee Hee
Okay, so she was actually in her own bed, but I realized I never posted these adorable pics of her sleeping on my floor- those nights when it's too hot to breathe in our rooms, we turn on the ac and she sleeps in our room.  This is also why she's on the floor and not in the bed- ouch!  She's spirited even in her sleep, don't you think???

I thought it might be nice for the boys to have some alone time with Bill, so I left the princess snoozing away. 
She forgives me.
Yesterday we enjoyed another day at the lake, and today we are headed north to catch up with some bears, enjoy a train ride, and PLAY!  But now I've got to go charge up my camera battery!

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Marcia said...

I don't know how you do it all by yourself in ghe morning with FOUR kids! I can barely manage on the mornings and I've only got two kids and myself to get out the door.

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