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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, November 1, 2010


Wow pretty much sums it up...we've been juggling a more-trouble-than-I-thought-it-would-be kind of home office reno (aren't they always that way?); family birthdays (yes, my own was Saturday, and no, I don't really want to talk about it); new volunteer efforts with the children's ministry at church; school field trips; and of course, HALLOWEEN!

I did something I've never done before, too.  I guess I'm not really proud.  I did not make one.single.costume (nothing!) this year.  Gasp.  I know, someone call the Singer police.  To be honest, I was working SO SO SO hard these past two weeks to finish, you know....  I wish I could give myself a big hoorah for a job well done, but the truth is, I did the best I could and I didn't make my self-imposed deadline, and life does go on.  So, mini hoorah.  I hope this doesn't sound arrogant or snotty, but I'm really proud of the work I've done, and I'm enjoying working on the final chapters.

But I'm still human, and I'm still a little disappointed.

So I'll share some pics from this weekend, just in case you've forgotten what we look like.  :)

My birthday photo- I'm 36 now.
Like my new hairstyle?- you probably can't even tell, but it's ultra-highlighted and is longer in the front than back.
There have been tears.
Lots of tears.
I'm still working the kinks out. ha, that was a pretty funny pun, and no, I didn't mean to!
My stylist did it straight and it was The Best.
When I try it, my head looks like a giant mushroom.  So I gave curly a try, and it's better.

Gosh, aren't my kids so stinking cute!?!
Bill gave me a lovely party, and we had a great night.

And then it was Halloween night...
Our Caleb Ninja Boy

...and Jonah Ninja Boy

Ethan the traffic light- isn't that so cool?
They're push lights, and he was glowing all night (I didn't get a pic of him in the dark, bummer)

drumroll please....
I can't even tell you how happy it made my geriatric heart to whip out the hair dryer for Isabelle's hair- so much fun!
What is she, you wonder....
Why Belle of course!
Complete with red lipstick, blush, and sparkly eye shadow, which happened to get all over her face anyway- she wasn't complaining!
Best of all, she didn't even get reprimanded for the eye shadow this time- remember this story?
Such a beautiful princess!

Trick or Treating was c-o-l-d!!!
But we had such a wonderful night together!

And Blogger is telling me I'm out of space for pictures again, sigh, so that's it for now.


Marcia said...

I HAD forgotten what you guys look like! haha.

I absolutely love the homemade traffic light costume. That's the best. Of course the Ninja's and Belle are great too.

Sorry to hear your hair isn't working out, but keep trying, you'll figure it out.

I can't wait to see pictures of the renovation. How much longer?...tapping foot... :)

So I'm confused, are you finished with the book? Or is it finished and you're not happy with it? I'm sure you'll keep "fixing" it. Are we ever totally happy with what we do? Not perfectionists like you and me.

Marcia said...

OH! and Happy Birthday. Welcome to 36.

Regina and David said...

great photos. love the costumes. Happy late Birthday!!

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