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1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Birthday Girl Portraits & Glimpses of Home

I had to laugh at myself when I was having the worst luck taking portrait pics of my very photogenic little girl...and then we discovered the whole wrong-mode-thing on the camera.

Imagine that!  Me, getting the camera "stuck" in some wrong mode?

I guess you can never go completely wrong when you're snapping pictures of someone as precious as this, though!

And I had to include these because they are just so cute.

Every year after we take down the tree, (did that yesterday) recover from the onslaught of new toys and "stuff" (which seems to get bigger and bigger every year actually!), I always take a deep breath, engage in a day or two-long deep clean, and prepare for the coming year.
That, and I buy a cheap, bright plant at the grocery store.  It's always great while it lasts.
Till Valentine's Day, if I'm lucky.

This year, everything feels a little different, mainly because of switching rooms around, buying new furniture, finishing up projects and such.  Everything looks really different, too.  I'm not used to it.  But I like it. 

So here's that glimpse I warned you about promised...

This next picture is way too bright because I had my ISO setting up too high (ooh la la, listen to me!), but I kind of like how it obscures the details, keeping things more mysterious, ha.
And though you can now see some of my bare book shelves, you can't see the wrinkles in the drapes.


There's still a little more to do in order to finish, but I'm really happy with our progress so far.

On the To Do list:
find a smallish, (inexpensive) neutral area rug
make 2 more large pillows, 1 smaller accent one (I already have the fabric for the smaller one, yay!)
find a small bench or stool to complete my Hobby Nook
beg/bribe my Dad, my favorite electrician, to install recessed lights
and...put the finishing touches on the fireplace!!!!!!!!


Regina and David said...

your room is looking great!!!
those are some beautiful photos of your precious little girl!

Marcia said...

I've been waiting for the big reveal. It looks fabulous. Very grown up. Not to be overshadowed by those fantastic shots of Isabella though! I wish I had more time to play with my big girl camera. You're doing a great job!

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