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Monday, December 6, 2010

On our way... see...

no idea why the angle is so funny- i think i was just shooting away trying to capture everything without paying too much attention, waiting for THIS to happen again
...Santa Claus!
But there were no tears this year!
Isabelle was so sweet with Santa~ she kept pointing out her new sparkly "shoons" to him, and she just looked so happy.
I've already got the memory stored away in my heart- it was the sweetest thing!

Here we are heading into the mall...
We started out well last year too, so I was just waiting...
the most beautiful little girl in the world ~ i don't think you can tell, but those are tiny silver, sparkly snowflakes all over her dress {she was thrilled with all her sparklies!}
she had quite a grip on daddy there, but she let him walk her right over to santa

a wee bit nervous, but keeping it together

uh-oh, not looking too sure about this...

And she did it! 
Big smiles and no tears!

She was even willing to sit on Santa's lap!
I was surprised!

Lovin' on Daddy afterwards

The boys were with Bill's parents at school concert- not theirs of course- where Grandma teaches and where Ethan and Jonah used to attend.  It was a lot of fun to have Isabelle all to ourselves and enjoy this special night with just her.  We don't do that very often.

Oh, and what did she tell Santa she wanted for Christmas?
Why, princesses, dollies, candy, more pretty "shoons" and babies of course!  ha!


Lisa said...

She is so beautiful! Glad she had a successful visit with Santa this year. :)

Mrs. V said...

What a sweet, adorable little girl you have!

Regina and David said...

she is such a cutie! we hope to visit Santa next week.

Terri Anne said...

I'm loving catching up on your blog... that last photo of Isabelle & Bill is suitable for framing... what a great capture!

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