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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rush Rush Rush

I guess some weeks are just plain busy.
You blink and the whole week has passed, only there was never enough time to get done what needs to get done.
That has been my week- lots of fun, wonderful things, but also that awful feeling of forever being behind with everything at the same time.

I already posted about our fun night with Isabelle Katie, but I didn't share the pictures Bill took afterward in front of our dining room tree...
The whole weekend was a blur, much like the rest of the week has been.
I'm trying to capture the important things.

we made our trek to a neighbor's house down the road a ways to cut down our tree and haul it back on the little red wagon- fun fun fun!
such a gorgeous day
and cold
oh boy, was it cold!

our own little Christmas parade!

look at my Caleb
always running after the big boys
and he's catching little baby boy is turning 8 this weekend
how did this happen?

and here his eyes got really wide and he says,
"Mumma, how about this one?"
he was totally serious!
love his positive, excitable perspective!

we found our tree!

can you say attitude?
only sometimes...
he's really a sweet boy

making the final cuts

heading home
we practically ran because Caleb was going to be late for a birthday party, but the tree was much too big for the little red wagon so they had a hard time keeping it from rolling over under the heft
they're carrying my stash of will-be-wreaths and such

love the expression on Jonah's face!
we were at our favorite furniture store while Caleb was at the birthday party-  it's a work program for incarcerated people who learn a new trade, and they make some absolutely beautiful items!  I love supporting this store!
I'll share what we got when I do our big family room reveal

I was rushing to get this pillow done so I could meet up with...

...these lovely ladies!
love the picture behind us, ha!
it was a really fun night, and we need to do it more often!

I love the hard-working, serious expression as they put up the ornaments the next day...

This one had a harder time putting things on the tree...
here she is trying to convince me to let her play with the angel instead
she looks absolutely thrilled
but there's the angel beside her...on the tree
uh-oh, another one she's pleading for
I must be getting soft- I let her keep it
and she has held that fairy every minute of every day this whole week!

these four cuties did everything all by themselves this year!
I'm a little surprised I actually let isn't in my nature to relinquish that much control
I guess I'm growing up a little, ha! 
they did a wonderful job...I'll do the big reveal later

then we made these for this

and met up with Auntie Marj an hour south for some shopping
Auntie Kristen couldn't join us  :(
next time!

out for errands and Mama's hair appointment
have you noticed Fairy in these pics???
and of course, dance class!
the prettiest little ballerina in the whole world!

I almost forgot, this great project that Lisa Leonard inspired me to do...
I adapted it a bit, and used up those leftover pine boughs
so easy and fun!
I wrapped a few pieces of florist wire against some of the heavier pine branches to secure them to the trellis, and then secured a small section of the trellis to the post so it wouldn't blow over in our fierce winds
I added the lights and snipped branches off our boxwoods, burning bushes, crab apple tree & forsythias to fill in around the base and add some color above
love love love how it looks at night...
...but now I need something other than a pine wreath for the door
maybe a jingle bell wreath or a really big bow?

This week has been just plain busy!  I didn't include pictures of bringing half my brood to the dentist, more shopping for Christmas, cutting out teeny tiny sweet little pattern pieces for a certain project, painting projects at church, picking up children who have missed the bus home.again, a really fun night with my youth group girls last night, heading to the doctor's office today, getting ready for not one but TWO special birthday parties in the next few days...whew!  And now I've got to get breakfast ready and lunches finished!  I'm outta here!


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Wow!! You did have a busy week!

I'm having the same but getting nothing done - not even ornaments on the tree!

Thanks so much for stopping by The House on the Corner ~ I'm following back!

Mrs. V said...

This busyness reminds me of when I was little. I have three siblings and we were all in sports and other extra curricular activities. I remember how busy it was this time of year. I love the pics of your kids putting ornaments on the tree. One of these days, we will get a real Christmas tree...I have always wanted one! I think the best picture is the first one of you sweet :)

Aimee said...

What cuties! Following ya back thanks for visiting Classified: Mom

Kelly~ Wave of Life Surf Studio said...

Great pics! Thanks for the follow- I am happily following you back! I am also the the youngest with three older brothers!!

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