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Friday, March 11, 2011

Parties Parties Parties!!!

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I know our family isn't as big as some, but it seems that in our house we're always planning for and celebrating a birthday!  Here is a look at some of our favorites over the years...

In 2009 our oldest son Ethan turned 10!  I had a harder time than I thought I would've when he reached this big double-digit milestone, but I survived, and the whole day was so much fun!  We invited a few friends from school and church to come party with us.  The boys still talk about this day!

Another thing I have to consider is...the cost, of course!  I've found lots of inexpensive, fun & festive things to do to celebrate my kid's special days.  Confetti, banners and balloons inside and out, and simple backyard games made this a day to remember!  I also love the vibrant colors for the cake and cupcakes!

Next up were games with everything in tens...10 flags to capture, 10 zips around the yard for the relay race, 10 balloons to keep up in the air with your partner...
first up was the pie eating contest- simple and quick and a BIG hit! 
they had to fill their partner's cup with water {10 oz of course!} from the squirt guns...FUN!
and then of course, it turned into an all-out water fight, perfect for a hot summer birthday!

I'm still giddy over the girly birthday parties I get to have now in my testosterone-dominated home!  Here are some pics of Isabelle Kate's party~

This was a Picnic-in-January party.  We cranked the heat for all these cuties, who were instructed to come in a sundress.  It was so much fun!  I gathered up the flowers I already had (and took a few trips to the good ol' dollar store for more) and displayed them all over the house and table tops- it did look quite festive for being the middle of winter!

The boys love it when we do a scavenger hunt-themed party and they have to scour the house or yard for treasures...
Or an obstacle course or pinata in the basement (we have mostly winter birthdays here)- anything that involves The Pit & hitting stuff is great in the boys' eyes, ha!
...Or something awesome like exploding mentos and Coke, ha!
 {no pics- only a YouTube video}
Oh, and sorry, I'm L-O-U-D, ha!
 I also tried to edit the time but I couldn''s long!!

No matter what we do, our kids' birthday parties are always filled with... 

 big craziness

  big smiles

 big messes

 and big love!
luuuuuuuve those gorgeous eyes!!!

 Here's another peek at some of our parties...hope you enjoy looking at them!!
we played Disney songs and sang along at this princess party
we did science experiments & had lots of contests at this adventurers party
we tried exotic foods at our around-the-world party, and guessed what they were
everyone in our family marches to their own beat, and so did the party-goers at this party- we made a marching band and put on a parade in between playing games and swinging at a pinata
this picture captures a true moment during one of our shindigs
the spread for one of our winter birthdays- we played pin-the-items on the snowman instead of the donkey at this party, ha!
a sweet shot of our daughter at her polka dot party

Be sure to hop over to Kelly's Korner for more great birthday party posts!!
Have a great weekend & thanks for visiting!!


Holly said...

I love the butterflies on the giftbags! :)

BC said...

Hi Bethany! Oh my goodness, I am so inspired by your picnic in January party! My daughter has a January birthday and I must admit, I sometimes feel at a loss to know what to do at that time of year INDOORS! That is such a lovely idea.

And you have given me LOTS of great ideas for boys parties too! My little guy is only 1 but I'm sure there's a pie eating contest at one of his parties in the future! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier and saying hello!


P.S. I read your profile and I just wanted to tell you that I too love belting out worship songs in the car!


Anonymous said...

I'm your newest follower from the Boost My Blog Friday Blog Hop. If you get a minute please drop by and follow back. Have a wonderful week!

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