Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ordinary... and Wonderful

Some random {happy} snapshots of life these days.

Ethan made us yummy Corn Bread from scratch
I was very impressed  =)

cute little girls playing and giggling

ditching boots for sneakers
and meeting friends to go for long walks
oh wait, my friend ditched me!
you know who you are!  hee hee

cuh-razy schedules are upon us yet again
but I love watching my kiddos play!

healthy lunch
mixed greens with tomatoes, sweet bell peppers & diced ham
oh, and seeded Rye toast...fantastic!!

afternoon play times, outside, ahhhhhh...

big little boys
who love to help their Mama make my heart happy
I'm making this picture so large so you can see the dirt all over his cute little should see his face up close, HA!

vibrant color after all these gray months

sunny day preschool pick-ups
sans coats or boots or mittens or hats

family adventures

And ice cream sundaes for dinner
don't fret, we had chicken for "dessert"  :)


Ryan V. said...

I love that you teach yours kids to cook or even to just follow a recipe! My MIL always cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my only child husband and his dad and so my husband has NO idea how to cook. bah!! So I am trying to teach him a few things now at age 26 haha! So glad you're getting some warmer weather. Here in phoenix, it's been HOT hot hot! Although this weekend we are expecting a "chill" of high 60s. Believe me, I would take 6 more weeks of 60's before the summer heat any day! I love the photo of the purple flower! Great shot!

kylee said...

Hey...I distinctly remember somebody telling me on the phone that your son had an ppointment so you would not be there to walk...not my fault:) No ditching by THIS friend :) I'll mke the walk up to you:)

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