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1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Festivities

What a beautiful couple of days we've had here in New England! A bit hot for my taste, but I'm trying not to complain after enduring 12+ days of rain before. I'm a little nervous about how everyone is going to sleep- the thermostat is registering 86 degrees upstairs...yikes!

Right now, Isabelle Kate is in bed, and the three boys are in the family room with me watching....The A-Team, ha ha!  I helped Jonah and Caleb do a speedy shower since they were dripping with sweat after playing baseball tonight, and here we are- this is a special treat for the younger two, and they look pretty pleased! I never realized what a progressive show this was when I saw the originals, oh, about 100 years ago. Yes, there are guns and explosions, but it is SO different from the gore and guts we're bombarded with today. And it does have a rather catchy theme song.  =)


It was a big morning for Caleb- he was a song leader for his school's Memorial Day Service. He told me he felt nervous at breakfast time (it didn't stop him from eating, ha ha), but when I saw him right before the ceremony started, he said he felt good. Funny boy!,

Jonah stayed home {sick} today so he walked down to the school with Isabelle and me. Mimi met us there, and Grandpa was the guest speaker again this year.  **side note- the blowing up stuff part of the show just began and these boys are going nuts! They are such boys...too funny!**  I was so proud of my Caleb this morning- he was focused and did exactly what he supposed to. And he's just so darn cute!!

 HA! I had no idea she was scowling when I took this picture!
She looks maaaaaaad, but she wasn't! She was just hot, so I gave her some ice water & grapes.
Problem solved!
My adorable MC!
He sang his little heart out!

As we started walking home, Jonah spied something on the ground. We thought it was candy at first, but then he realized it was a little robin's egg! Oh dear, I knew what was coming next...he has big plans to care for this lost egg and help it hatch. I didn't want to discourage him from trying, but I also don't want him to be crushed. There were a few lost eggs in my childhood, and there were tears. Many, many tears. Maybe this one will surprise us!

Here's the nest Jonah created...
...complete with Mama Robin!!  She sings too, to make sure the baby bird knows she's there!
 Jonah let me hold it, but only for a second, so it wouldn't get too cold :)

On another note, I totally spaced it last week and forgot to get some pictures of my little bird watcher with his big NH project, so here he is! His teacher was very proud of him, and so am I!

This weekend we are hoping to keep things low key since every weekend recently is so jam-packed, and that is making me happy happy happy! You know what I really want to do? I want to find a no-fail Jell-o recipe for some fruity, frosty yummy cake or pie. And go for a hike, literally. But right now, it's still quite hot in here...whew! Wish me luck tonight!

A heartfelt thank you to our selfless veterans and their families for the invaluable sacrifices they make on our behalf- thank you and God bless you!


Ryan V. said...

So sweet that Caleb had a lead singing part in the program! :) And you mentioned jell-o...It made me think of two things. First is a dessert that is really easy to make and yummy during summertime!

We call it "strawberry scrumptiousness"...
1 angel food cake, bunt cake (premade is easiest...or you can make a box mix)
1 tub frozen sliced strawberries in juice
1 big box strawberry jello
1 small tub cool whip

Slice angel food cake into 1-inch cubes and scatter in a 13x9 pan or glass dish. Make jello according to box. After powder is dissolved, pour in the whole tub of frozen strawberries (thawed a little) and stir until thawed and mixed completely. Pour that over the angel food cake cubes. Refrigerate until jello is set and top with cool whip (Garnish with fresh sliced strawberries if you like)! It's best to sit overnight in the fridge so that the angel food cake soaks up the yummy strawberry stuff! You can save a few calories by getting fat free cool whip and sugar free jello...but it's not as good that way!!! lol!

I also like to make a big box of strawberry (or cherry) jello and instead of 2 cups boiling and 2 cups cold...I just use 2 cups boiling and 2 cups applesauce. It gives it a good texture and the cherry/apple taste is yummy!

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