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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, June 20, 2011

Celebrating Daddy

What a beautiful day we had for Father's Day yesterday! I was Super Mom, or rather Super Wife, and let Bill linger in bed till after 8...that's a BIG deal around here! I know how hard he works for us, and I knew he would appreciate the extra sleepy time. Bill is a wonderful father & I'm so thankful for him! We also have great Dads too- we love you Grampy & Grandpa!

Caleb and Jonah were hard at work in the kitchen making brownies for our decadent Black Forest Trifle, as requested by the man of honor, while I popped two Puff Pancakes into the oven and sliced fresh strawberries and kiwi. Yum!

We even had time to make our official Summer 2011 Fun List! We make one every year, but normally it's just on a plain old piece of notebook paper...this year I was inspired by so many bloggers who made beautiful lists I had to follow suit! It's hanging up in our dining room where we'll see it every day, and it's so cheerful and festive!
 pardon the skivvies...oh that boy!!!
don't judge me (#24)- my Dad lets them shoot cans & stuff, and they LOVE it!
i was also impressed with lots of their ideas!

The kids and I had talked about what we thought Dad would enjoy doing the most, and besides sleeping in, ha!, they agreed he would want to be outside. We decided we'd take him to one of our favorite trails that runs alongside the Merrimack River and then get started preparing our Father's Day Feast- we sure know how to incorporate food into every single event and holiday, don't we? ha ha
I held Isabelle off for as long as I could, but she wanted to see her Daddy!
 time to wake up Daddy!

Then it was time for church...we taught our 2nd & 3rd graders at church and talked about how God gives us the tools to turn life's 'lemons' into lemonade- it's never too early to learn that lesson, is it?

At one point during the day, I found myself wondering why we can never make it through one day without some sort of incident with the kids. I suppose that's better than on those days when it feels like we can't even make it through one hour! Usually it's just arguing or a general attitude problem, and even I overreacted and had a Mom-sized fit after church. It gets old. Fast. Maybe we should pay closer attention to the lemonade lesson!

The rest of the day was low-key, but we're low-key kind of people, so it was very nice. Our walk was great, dinner was fantastic, and we ended the day on a very good note!

Mmm, this always helps!  =)

Hope you had a great day, babe...I love you!

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Jenny said...

Glad you had a GREAT Father's Day! I LOVE your summer list too!!!! We need to make one, but I haven't gotten around to it yet! BTW...I got your email and I'll get back to you soon...PROMISE!!!

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