Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All Alone

That's me.
All alone. Sitting here at home. Peace and quiet. Finally!
It feels so SO good.
Okay, well, I just put Isabelle to bed, so I'm not technically alone.
But who cares about technicalities?   :)
She and I had a date with the Swan Princess. That scary dude is...well, scary!

So where's everyone else?

Jonah and Caleb are having sleep-overs with grandparents and being spoiled rotten, I'm sure!
And Bill took Ethan to the movies to see Zookeeper, kind of as an early birthday present, kind of not. They filmed the movie at the Franklin Park Zoo, which we've been to several times, so that's pretty neat. I'm just a little afraid because Kevin James sometimes gets a bit raunchy...don't like the idea of my boy hearing raunchy stuff. Maybe Bill will cover his eyes and ears, ha!

Speaking of ears, the poor kid has a raging ear infection and walking pneumonia. Don't I feel like Mother of the Year? His cough got much, much worse in the last 24 hours so I knew it was time to head in. Being sick stinks! I hope he feels all better for his birthday right around the corner.

I'm still sewing up a storm (the kids and I made bandana pillows easy!), brainstorming like crazy to finish up this crazy novel of mine- I watched a movie based on JK Rowling's life...and it was AWESOME, let me just say!- and making time for fun things before summer is all over!
Whew! Here are a few pics from our day.
My kids are so kooky. Love that!

oh, did I forget to mention it was a pink nightie Swan Princess party?

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