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1 Corinthians 3:17

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Love, Marriage and an Etsy Order

Well last week certainly held a few surprises! Remember this post? Not so fun. I was both encouraged and challenged by Jenny and Heather who left such thoughtful comments for me- thanks ladies! I don't want to waste an opportunity to show Christ's love, so after thinking all week about what I should do, I've decided to write a short note apologizing for the things that seem to have bothered the neighbor so much. I can't say I understand completely, but that doesn't really even matter- I just want to do the right thing.

And all last week Caleb and Isabelle Kate attended Vacation Bible School & had a blast! The theme was "Shake It Up" and every day they did an art project, a science experiment, and whipped up a little something in the kitchen- it was so neat! I was so impressed with all the hard work that went into such a wonderful week for the children! (They were at Isabelle's preschool- our own church does some things for the kids, but it would end up costing us over $200 to participate, so, um, I don't think so.  I wish it were different, but I'm so thankful for the church that welcomed us in this past week!

I just love this picture of Caleb as one of the days was wrapping up

So...after Terrible Tuesday, the next morning I was completely surprised to see that someone had bought one of my skirts for sale on etsy! I was so excited!!  And then, two people "favorited" my shop!! It felt like such a special affirmation from God and I'm very thankful. I don't know what I'm doing most of the time for all this business stuff- I'm just trying to raise money for the adoption, and it's so easy to get my feelings hurt and feel disappointed when things don't go the way I think they should. But God is in control so all I have to do is obey. He gave me this love of photography and sewing, so I intend to use them. If you want to visit my shop, click on the picture to the right. And if you really want to make my day, you can "favorite" me!  Ha Ha!
this is the skirt I sold...well, this is a size 3/4, and a 7 was ordered- I just finished the new one today!

Speaking of adoption, Bill and I have been feeling really overwhelmed with the costs involved and some of the other details. We were really having a hard time, and it was spilling over into every other aspect of our family life. The past couple of weeks haven't been too great, to tell you the truth. But suddenly, I felt the greatest, most amazing peace from God, and Bill and I were able to work through some important things. What a relief! Nobody likes turmoil, and it was beginning to take its toll. Parenting is so much harder too when there is tension between Mom and Dad. For me, my biggest problem is my thought life, letting certain thoughts creep in, and then they stick, and it's SO hard to dislodge them! I need to be more aware and vigilant with the thoughts I allow to occupy my mind.

We also decided that we need to be more purposeful in getting out and doing fun things together! We went on a little date Friday night (thanks Dad for braving the crew solo while poor Mom was sick!) and then brought home Chinese food and watched a movie from Redbox. Nothing over the top but really special to me. It's so easy for bills and chaos and fighting kids and cats puking on the new rug and cramps and humidity and everything else life throws at you to take over. We're going to try harder to keep those things in perspective and save our energy for what matters more.

On Wednesday, Isabelle had a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa so it was just me and my boys and I got to spoil them a little bit! Ice cream and swimming for starters!

 Ethan stole my towel and said "a real man can handle pink" - ha ha ha

of course I miss Isabelle when she isn't with us, but it was so fun to stay in the deep end of the pool without a wriggling body kicking and splashing at me!  =)
we had lots of fun!

We all laughed when Grandma and Grandpa showed up at the pool an hour later with our swimmer girl- she is still such a fish! So we all hung out and played together, and then I might have escaped for a minute or two to the deep end all by myself. Maybe.  ;)

I'd gotten some t-shirts on clearance at Old Navy last month and had been waiting for a lull in the activities and such to surprise the boys with I placed them outside their doors in the morning so they'd find them when they woke up. I love that small things like this really make my boys happy, and they thanked me several times! I know I was not nearly as grateful for things when I was their age. Sorry Mom!

And the thing they are still talking about???

They were pleased with their new shirts, but they were absolutely ecstatic and thrilled that I made coffee for them for breakfast, ha ha! Of course it was decaf, but shhh! I didn't tell them that!
oh yeah, I forgot about the cookies- it was a nice cool morning, perfect for a little early morning baking
I did have to fish my very ripe bananas out of the trash because Bill mistakenly threw them out- eww, that sounds so gross! It was a clean bag with nothing else in it, and they'd be baked for the banana bread anyway, so....that's okay, right? Well, we demolished that bread, and it was so so yummy, and none of us died, so I think we're in the clear!

Whew! I'm exhausted, and I didn't even get to Saturday and today! Good night y'all!

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