Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, August 19, 2011


What a week! It has just been one of those long kind of weeks, not bad, but just...I don't know, but I'm feeling pretty happy that it's Friday!

Yesterday I woke up ready to conquer the world. I'm still hacking away, slightly less than before, but I had **cookies baking by 7 am, veggies cut and a roast in the cooker, a load of laundry going, lunches being made, things dusted and swept...yeah, go get 'em!  :)

We spent another fun-filled day jumping waves and boogie boarding up at York Beach yesterday- wow, were those waves huge! Awesome! My little heart sank when we first drove through because there was not even one parking spot available, but I thought quick and prayed hard, and the idea to check out The Nubble Lighthouse entered my mind- thank you, Lord, for that!

It was such a beautiful day! I even had goosebumps on the rocks by the ocean! And I wasn't complaining...   :)

Caleb had spied something off in the distance

 wet rocks = waves a-crashin' = heart in throat!

 I have NO idea where she came up with this pose, ha!

sweet big brother lending a helping hand

We ate our lunch there and explored around the crazy big boulders (which was giving me an absolute heart attack- even Isabelle kept managing to get SO close to the edge! Of the ocean! As in, one wrong step and you are swept away by the tide...forever! Gasp!) I was already praying that I'd be able to find just one little ole parking spot by the beach all the while we were there!

Cue hallelujah chorus here...a spot! And right by the stairs! Little did we know that the tide was rushing in, but that didn't even matter- we were just having fun in the water! I think I had to move our stuff back four or five times within the first half hour there, but nothing got wet that couldn't handle it..phew! I was too nervous about keeping an eye on the camera so I brought it back up to the car. Then I could really have fun!

Traffic was great, both ways, so that's always a help! And since I had dinner in the cooker, I didn't have anything extra to worry about. I ended up running some errands after we ate- oh how I LOVE school shopping! I'm still a little sad to have to be buying these bigger sizes for my boys- it seems like just yesterday they could get by in a cute little size 5! Boo!

But I may have found some incredible deals ($2 & $3!) on some adorable teeny-tiny baby digs.  =)

**I've been reading up on making healthier cookies, so yesterday I tried using canola oil for half the butter, so 1 stick plus a 1/2 cup oil. And I've always left out some of the sugar it calls for, maybe a couple tablespoons' worth. It made the dough slimier than anticipated, so I tossed in some oatmeal to thicken things up, then a little more flour, then a bit more oatmeal, and finally it was right. I sprinkled in some wheat germ, added raisins and dark chocolate chips, and...they are GOOD! I pop mine in the freezer- they travel better, and they taste fantastic that way on a hot day!**

Happy Friday!

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