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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Caleb's First Basketball Game!

This morning we headed out bright and early to the first basketball game of the season! Well, some of us did...Ethan and Isabelle were fast asleep so I let them stay put (we'd talked to E about this earlier, and he is a pro- he knows just what to do!). Bill and Caleb had left by ten after eight, so Mr. Metal, ahem Jonah, and I headed up to check things out a little later.

The game had just started as we were walking in, and I saw Caleb score! Wow! Then a few minutes later, he grabbed that ball again and without even thinking tossed it up...and SWOOSH!

everyone's waiting to see the fate of the throw...sank it!

I really love watching my children play different sports! Caleb's cheeks were so SO red- he was getting quite a workout! While he is definitely athletic, sometimes his size keeps him from being as agile as he wants to be, like he needs a little more time to grow into those long arms and legs!

Poor Jonah said his mouth was hurting him. =(
But he has been such a trooper this week, even with the emergency trip in to repair a popped wire that had rubbed the inside of his cheek completely raw.

Right now as I type this, we've got someone outside cleaning the car, Jonah is in here vacuuming the stairs with one of the funky attachments, Ryder is...uh-oh- I'm learning that not knowing the whereabouts of Ryder doesn't generally end well, for me anyway. Gotta go!
He's worth it, though!  :)

Happy Saturday!

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Ryan V. said...

I'm finally around to catching up on blogs! Did I miss something? You all got a dog? I am a huuuuge dog lover and Ryder looks like a big sweetie!!! Hope the braces don't cause too much pain for J. When I had braces, the doc would give me a roll of wax and I would tear a small piece off and stick it to the sharp parts of my braces where they would rub on my cheeks until it healed (taking out the wax to eat and brush teeth). Have they offered him any wax? Also, motrin helped on the days I got them tightened. :)

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