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Monday, February 27, 2012

How to organize (completely re-do) a kid's closet for CHEAP!!

Good Monday morning to you all!
We are on our first official day of February vacation...some of us may still be in our pj's.    :)

My mister and I have been tackling some organization pitfall areas in our home these days. It happens every year around this time, when we've been stuck inside staring down the same irritating things for what seems like an eternity. So it's good in a way, kind of forces us to do something about it.

Our big project this weekend was revamping our roomies' room, more specifically, their shared ~ and rather modest 41"~ closet. We couldn't be happier with the results! Well, maybe the price tag...we did this all for around 75 buckaroos!

After a trip to Target, a couple hours putting together the pieces, oh, and a fresh coat of paint (from Kitchen MIScolor #2)...voila!
I must add that our pride took a slight hit because these are not primo-quality pieces here, folks, but they serve a purpose and they are sturdy. And while my mister can build something much better, we decided to put his skills to use elsewhere. It still hurt a little, though, until the whole project was completely finished in one afternoon (minus the painting of course.)

Really disliked the yellow in the kitchen, but it's a fantastic burst of color in this room which gets virtually no sunlight from November until March.

We were also fortunate that the existing shelf/clothing rod fit peeeeeerrrrrrfectly atop the two new stacked shelving units. These two units came with wooden dowels to fasten one to the other, and also some mounting bracket-thingys to secure to the closet wall. The shelves are also adjustable {plus} but they do not secure in any way {not so plus, as I found this out the hard way}

We all love it ~ even the boys are super excited about it!
I wasn't loving it too much when the original contents were vomited all over the room, the hallway, and even 
our bedroom! Purging hurts! Isn't that always the hardest part?

This is actually a shelf unit we used as a nightstand, and not it's sideways...and perfect for putting those silly wire shelves to work! Please note that this shelving unit is different from the ones we bought and stacked ~ these shelves are screwed in place and therefore don't...collapse when placed sideways, ha.

This is what the closet used to look like. Ugh. Not functional, or organized at all!
I did, however, love the hanging thingy for putting their outfits together.
But they're big boys now, they don't really need it.

I have to include this because it cracks me up.
I guess it's exhausting watching  me folding laundry, which obviously I'm taking a little break from at the moment.

Oh, I almost forgot. These two boys also needed a better place to hang their bathrobes and such, since their clothes are so long now they puddle onto the floor on the hooks we have in the hallway.
This is how cute it used to look. Sigh. Lately it had just been a mess.

 So we did this exciting thing...
Wow, right?

Wait for it...
I know a small thing of hooks probably doesn't get people really thrilled, but it makes me SO happy! I even had the hooks in my hand, thinking ahead to priming and painting a board, then screwing in the hooks, etc etc etc, so I wised up and just bought the darn thing at Target. It was on sale, and it probably would've cost me more to make it! Again, it's the pride that gets ya!

Lastly, here is a glimpse of the awesome color that Jonah picked out all by himself for a woodworking project he and his dad are going to do this week. That was a BIG deal for me, but I think he chose a great color!

Okay, really lastly, here is another glimpse of the hallway project I mentioned a couple weeks ago...I'll give it a proper post soon!

Have a great week!!!!!!

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Marcia said...

Hooks absolutely get me fired up!!! I love having everything organized and neat. Ahhh, such a wonderful feeling. Until I turn around and see the mess the kids have made for me in THAT room while I was organizing THIS room. Sigh...

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