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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spinning Cookies & Stuff

Isabelle Kate likes to help me make cookies by "spinning" the ingredients together.
I love that! Caleb says it too, only I don't know who actually started it...but it stuck and it's really cute.
Boy do I miss my stand mixer. Long story...
But we "spinned it really, really good" (why yes, I am quoting) and the results were pretty tasty!

Little Smarty Pants taking a cooking break to practice writing words. She reads to me afterwards. Or sings the words. Cutest. Thing. Ever.
We were listening to one of her kids Christian worship CDs, and I was reminded of how blessed I am to have this sweet little girl in my life. It felt like much more than just making cookies.

I took this picture earlier this morning after giggling over what appeared to be Baby Pilates taking place on the kitchen counter. She was pretty proud of figuring out how to get that baby to sit, ha!

We made the cookies to bring in to Caleb's third grade class today because I was teaching a little Spanish lesson to the kids. It was really fun! I was totally intimidated by the "smart board" - it's like a digital version of the old-school wipe board. These high-tech kids, I tell ya...

Okay, I'm back-pedaling a bit...Jonah made his acting debut last week and Bill and I were so proud of him! He worked many, many long hours! All of the children were so awesome!
 Jonah is kneeling on the end {left} with a mike- that was a big thrill in our house!
I found myself mentally keeping tabs on all the costumes I made during the performances. Because I'm a dork. That's okay, it made me happy, and I felt really proud to be able to help out in that way. The set was absolutely amazing, too!

There was extra juggling around last weekend because of all the play performances, soccer games, playdates, and...the Tenth Avenue North concert that I got tickets for for Bill's Valentine's Day gift! I didn't realize that the date of the concert fell right in the middle of the school performances when I ordered the tix- oops! It was an amazing concert! We left feeling energized and refreshed, and inspired. No pictures, though, boo.

One day this week at preschool, Isabelle's teacher, Miss Maria, was putting on a wedding in the classroom...for the letters Q and U!!!! HaHaHa So fun!
She knew she'd look "extra fancy" for Daddy with her bouquet of flowers in her hair rather than holding them. That's my girl, always thinking outside the box! Here she was telling him all the exciting details.

We took the kids to the circus the other night because my Dad gave me free tickets for them, so I thought, "How expensive could the adult tickets be?" You don't want to know. Ugh.
Truthfully, I sat there with a gnawing, uneasy ache in the pit of my stomach the whole entire time. Especially since I've seen the movie Water for Elephants. I've just never liked the idea of animals in captivity performing song and dance acts. It just feels...wrong to me. Plus, everyone around me must've thought I was either the biggest elephant enthusiast ever or an investigative reporter because I snapped SO many pictures with my big girl lens- why? Trying to get a close up view of that metal stick thing the trainer was using, and to see how he was using it. No, I'm really not a fan of the circus.

We let Isabelle and the boys feed some animals, and that made me feel anxious and sad as well. Poor beautiful zebra. You deserve to be galloping free.

I almost forgot about these little bites of heaven. Last weekend was dreary and cold, so we baked a lot.
What's better than peanut butter cookies?
Peanut butter cookies that have taken a dip in melted chocolate chips!
They didn't last long.

Whew, now I'm tired! I wonder if there are any cookies left....

Oh, and I have a new fancy schmancy header (I'm not good at that kind of stuff, for me, it's a big deal!) do you like it? You'd totally make my day if you left a comment to say you like it. Who doesn't like to be liked?   =)


Kristen Fleming said...

I love the header! Good job, Bethany! Love you too. =)
Enjoyed all of the pics of your busy life!

Emreen said...

Cute pics... especially love the pic of kate feeding her doll...

Marcia said...

I feel the urge to tell you that I love your new header. You should do that for Facebook too as your header image for Timeline. And you MUST stop posting pictures of delicious cookies. My will power is only so strong you know!

Ryan V. said...

Love your new springy! I loved using the smart boards when I was student teaching. They are so neat! I am also not a huge fan of the circus. I can't stand when they "whip" the animals to do things they wouldn't naturally do. :( Makes me sad! I literally closed my eyes and cried during the movie water for elephants! I hate to see animals being hurt. I had to watch the entire credits at the end to make sure it said "no animals were harmed". It did say that. At the VERY end. And by the way, those cookies look delish!!

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