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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, May 7, 2012

Days to Treasure Forever & Ever

When I was a little girl, I used to dream about what kind of family I would have. More specifically, what a perfect, totally-on-top-of-everything mother I'd be, which I suppose sort of paved the way for my future perfect, listen-to-everything-I-say-and-behave children I'd of course be blessed with.


The pressures of bills and mortgages, conflict, commutes, never-ending housework, unexpected expanding waistlines, and on and on and on..... 

None of that stuff mattered much this past weekend. Sure, there was bickering and arguing, unkind, rash words spoken, and probably a whole host of other unpleasant things; but I'm remembering better things this time. The things I'll treasure in my heart forever and ever.

sweet lips sticky with marshmallow goo
big brothers scooping up little princesses in their arms, twirling, laughing, beaming
father and son, hand in hand along the river's edge
eyes wide in delight at the ice cream shop, thankful
tiny hands clutching wedding bouquets from the forest
big boys with little boy smiles, eager, adventurous, unstoppable
afternoon sunshiny cuddles, grass-tickled toes

I've got to include these pictures of Isabelle's cherry tree in the backyard, too. These blossoms just make me swoon!

the tree has gotten so big and these pink clusters were everywhere!

our first afternoon seeing the sun in almost a week...practicing my sunflare shots
I couldn't get at the right angle to capture the blooms this way, but I love the intricate leaves, too

What treasured things did you do this weekend?


Sennie said...

Sweet pictures, Bethany<3

Theresa said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I find it truly amazing how one day can right all the chaos of the rest of our lives. I never seem to be able to catch up with what I'd like to be getting done, but one magical day with my family and I'm blessed with renewed strength and energy to keep plugging along. Those kind of days are such a gift.

Anonymous said...

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