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Monday, May 21, 2012

My First 5K & an Adorable Graduate...Among Other Things

It seems that no matter how hard I try to keep up with the pace of life right now, I'm always two steps behind. It isn't bad, it's just...BUSY! Last week was Isabelle's preschool graduation ceremony (goodbye preschool, sniff sniff), and while that's fun and wonderful and all that, there are always a million and a half things to do to prepare. And saying goodbye is just plain hard!

We decided ahead of time that this was the perfect excuse reason to yank the guys outta school for a couple of hours. They didn't complain- imagine that?  =)
They really didn't complain when we surprised them with lunch at our favorite Chinese Buffet!

The ceremony was adorable as usual, but I'm so mad at myself for not getting any pictures of Isabelle and me in her cap and gown! Or any of just her in general! I guess I had so much on my mind, and things just kept moving so least I can be thankful for the special ones I got.

I don't know if it's just me, but does this little girl look ecstatic or what? I think she is just beaming!
 She was SO excited!
And a little nervous. Check out the biting of the lip, ha!
Each graduate handed their Mommy a special paper flower as a thank you for all our hard work. I feel the sting in my eyes just thinking back on it. So sweet!

 Family must be my vanity speaking, but every single picture I am in lately just makes me cringe. I hate feeling like that, but everything just looks...blech. I never know I look that awful until I see the proof in the pictures. Terrible. I suppose everyone else's good looks make up for it.

Here is a picture of a very happy Isabelle Kate with her graduation gift: a new quilt set
I've had it in the closet for months and months, and while she didn't need new bedding, it was one of those things that I just loved so much, I knew I'd regret it if I passed it by. I waited so long for a little girl who would have beautiful little girl things! I smile every single time I see it.

Here's a shot of it in daylight- it is soooooo pretty!
Moving along.
Now Thursday, the next day, was the really Cuh-Razy day!
Emotions were at a fever-pitch because Isabelle would be saying goodbye to her beloved teacher, Miss Maria, and we were both feeling the angst. But we had a plan! Phew! Isabelle made Miss M a pretty card and we were going to stop by Dunkin Donuts for a gift card. And since it also happened to be a furry little someone's First birthday, there might have been munchkins involved.
Easy peasy, right?
The first glitch was when my car was stuck halfway out in the road and half in the parking lot because of the traffic...I mean, I literally could not move because of all the cars everywhere! There's a drive-thru that runs straight through the parking lot, but it also cuts off the entrance and exit to the lot, so, yeah, that woke me up a bit.
We finally got the second half of the van inside the lot, and you guessed it- not a single parking spot in sight. Oh wait, except one. The one by the blocked drainage ditch. The river monster-ish-looking one. Well, we were on a time limit, and my plan did not include any of this, so mud puddle or not, I flew into the spot. Sorry cute little pink shoes.  :(   They were troopers though. Of course this spot happened to be next to a truckload of contractors, who were very friendly, but the massive cloud of smoke that surrounded the area just hit me wrong and my throat closed up. I thought I was going to choke as I ran over to the other puddle-less side of the car to get Isabelle, who was very confused, since this was not "her side."
Clock's-a-tickin' and I'm trying to get her, and I completely forgot that the dog was up front. Well, at this point, he blindsided me and jumped out into the parking lot. Thankfully, he had on his leash (he chews it so I usually have to take it off in the car) and I was able to yank him back inside. His little nostrils were in overdrive, sniffing donuts, ha!
We dodged a few cars on our way inside, and the line...yikes! I have never seen a line like that in this little place! Isn't that always the way!?!? The line was pretty quick, but still, even a 5-minute wait when you're trying to hurry seems like an eternity. I ordered up the donut holes and the gift card, and instantly, the girl's eyes got wide as if I was asking for a million dollars or something. The manager was beside her in an instant, and there was a look of dread on his face, too. Apparently, buying gift cards was locking up the computer system, as in total freeze, and they wouldn't even try. I can't say I blamed them with the massive line behind me, but, C'mon people! Really? They apologized, and I knew that was all they could do.
Plan B involved driving across town, ordering our huge order of 4 donut holes and the gift card, singing Happy Birthday to Ryder in the car, devouring those little goodies, and getting to school a few minutes late. We took a deep breath and gave Miss Maria her things and a big hug, and I said goodbye- my Mom was picking Isabelle up that day, so I was officially FREE until 2:15!

Maybe I should break this up into 2 posts. Nah!
There really was nothing eventful at all about my day, and it was wonderful! I finished up some Etsy orders (yay!) and worked on some other projects, lingered outside in the sunshine, basically just puttered around in the quiet. It was heavenly! And then the frenzy returned.
We knew we needed to eat early in order to meet up at church for the Rock 'N Race cancer walk, but things always get in the way, so we just kept getting farther and father behind. I had made a Jell-o Poke Cake for Ryder's birthday, but we didn't have enough time to eat it, so everyone just got a bite (literally) and I promised that we'd finish after the walk. 
We met up with our friends, and when we headed down to the main event, my heart started pounding- there were SO many people! It was awesome, but...there were so many people! I was a little nervous about someone getting lost. I was also a little bummed because I'd been wanting to run this race, but my foot issues have been resurfacing, and I haven't been running since February. I figured it would be a leisurely, family 5K walk through town, and it would be great!
Well...Ethan saw some friends who were running and asked if he could run with them. The excitement in the air was palpable, and we just couldn't say no. Next up, Jonah asks if he can run. Hmmm. Right at this time, Bill's parents and sister showed up, my own adrenaline kicked in, and a new plan began evolving. Before I knew what had happened, Jonah, Bill, Ethan (and his pals) and I were lined up with the thousands of other runners, raring to go! Let me just tell you other ladies out there, it was exactly at this moment I realized that I was not exactly appropriately dressed for an activity such as running. I mean, I didn't want black eyes after all. And it wasn't until twenty minutes in that I realized a good puff or two on my inhaler would've done wonders for me. But even still, I did it. I made it! We think my time was around 43 minutes, which of course is horrendous, but I finished! Bill kept telling me he was proud of me, but that still made me feel like kind of a loser, I don't know why. Maybe because in my mind, I want to have done so much better. (He and Jonah finished ahead of me after I told them they didn't have to keep waiting for me, ha.) Yet I felt really good when Ethan told me that I impressed him. Go figure! Anyhoo, I was so proud of both Ethan and Jonah for running, and Caleb and Isabelle for walking that entire 5K with Bill's family! It felt so wonderful to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

All my pictures are on my phone. Well, the before pictures. As if I could even lift my arm afterwards!

And then we rushed home for Ryder's birthday cake, but it was so late and everyone had to take showers, we just couldn't enjoy his little party. So we'd do it the night night without having to rush.

I was relieved Ryder didn't try to eat the candles!
{Yummy Poke Cake}

I am happy to report that I could still walk the day after the race. The day after that...whoa! My quads are still sore! It takes me two years to make it up and down the stairs, and good grief, before I sit down somewhere I'd better be sure that's where I plan to stay for a while because getting up HURTS! I want to start running again as soon as I can- next year I'm going to clear 30 minutes!

 Here is a sneak peak of the projects I was working on:

I just love the little nightie on the left, and I'm planning a tutorial for the adorable dress soon.
Oh, I almost forgot...Caleb had a school concert last week, too- he did such a great job!

So serious, but he sings his little heart out! I love that!

And just so I can make this even longer, I'll throw in this adorable picture of Sneakers the cat. It was the first sunny morning we'd had in about a week, and he was taking full advantage. Well, of that, and of children who don't put their toys away, but I didn't mind just this once.

See that laundry detergent back there? I'd been saving the last little bit for the boy's baseball pants, in case my homemade stuff didn't do the trick. And it's just sat there- I haven't needed it at all! I'll have to share the recipe someday- it's great, very easy to make, and it smells wonderful!

Happy Monday! I've got to go tend to two sickies.  =(

FYI: Karen over at Sew Many Ways has just done a fantastic tutorial on adding a custom signature to your posts, and it's really easy...go check it out here! Thanks Karen!

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Theresa said...

Wow! That's the way I feel most of the time. Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets choked up thinking about my child moving on from preschool. It's so hard to let them become "big kids". But I've got two more to get through preschool, so I think it'll be okay :) Great job with the 5K, especially since you weren't planning on it! I just figure that a not great time leaves improvement for the next race. You're practically wonder woman with all that you accomplish. You should be super proud of yourself. Have a great day!

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