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Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby Showers, Soccer Games & Anniversary Dinners

I got to see some of my former high school students this weekend! I was SO excited to see them! It has been a long time!

I met these beautiful ladies 16 years ago when I got my first {paying} job as a teacher.
16 years ago!
This is Amy on the left, and Loralee, who is going to have her first baby in October, so this was her baby shower.
They look so lovely, but of course I think I was instructing my Mom on which button to push to take the picture...oh well. I tried to have her get Loralee's belly in the picture, but this was the best I got. 
It was a fun day! Loralee's mother is my parent's interim pastor at church...what a small world!

One of the shower games was to write down family "pet" names for male and female body parts. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry- it was horrible but oh so funny! I just about clamped my hands over Isabelle's ears at one point, ha ha!

I had to miss Jonah's first soccer game Saturday because of the shower, but several friends facebooked me to let me know what a great job he did. I thought that was really neat! Of course Bill gave me the low-down, too.

Ethan had his first game Friday afternoon. Soccer is Ethan's true love. It's really the only sport he cares much about, so he plays outside in the summer and fall, and indoors during winter. He's so much fun to watch!
 GO #3!!!!!!! So proud of him for working so hard and making the A team!

Thursday night the kids made pizzas with their grandparents so Bill could whisk me far, far away to...well, downtown to a very nice restaurant for dinner. It was deliriously good! We ran into friends there and ended up sitting together for over an hour. What fun!
Ethan was the photographer this time, and I hadn't changed out the big lens so he couldn't fit us in very well. He was ready to hop up on the edge of the deck, but, since I didn't want my camera killed, I told him we were good to go. 
Well, I didn't want Ethan to get maimed either.

It was such a warm, summery night, not at all what I'd originally planned for, so I wore this cute dress and sweater for the last time this year. Today it truly feels like fall- I got goosebumps hanging out the laundry earlier! It feels wonderful! 

I do have a problem, though. I cannot for the life of me find my jeans! I have no idea where they are, or why I would have packed them away somewhere! I probably put them someplace "safe" and they're most likely in some box in the very back of the storage unit. So I'll take that as a good reason to look for some new jeans.  =)

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