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Friday, September 28, 2012

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I always tell myself that I'll remember all those ridiculously cute things the kids say and write them down. Later.
And then I promptly forget. So I thought I'd jot these few down before they too are lost in the chaos that is my brain of late.

These sweethearts are from the little princess in our family.
Oh dear sweet Isabelle, you are seriously killing me.
Not even kidding, kinda.

This evening, after dinner- okay, to clarify, after the 56 & 3/4 tantrum for the day- something wasn't going her way. Shocker.
Whine Whine Whine
Ears officially bleeding, and she's still ranting on.
Finally I can bite my tongue no more and tell her,
"Isabelle, we are not going to listen to any more whining about your puppy dog."
Her response, in the most matter of fact 5-year-old voice you can imagine,
"I am not whining about that, you know. I am whining about my mouse (mouth) wash."
Well then. HA

Earlier today she informed me that she has been talking to a little boy (who incidentally whacked her on the back with his shoe yesterday...) about Jesus. And I quote again,
"Yup, I told him that he better do what Jesus says (pronounced with a long 'a') so he bees gooder, and then Santa will not have to put him on the Naughty List. That made him listen to me real good."

Are you laughing out loud yet? 
I just snorted thinking back on that particular backseat conversation.

Here are a few recent statements that made me chuckle.
"Mumma, I don't hear my heart beatin' with this telescope!"
"When we goin' to Peach Park?" {Jonah plays soccer at Keach Park.}
"I'm going to hug you forever!" Embrace, slight pause. "Okay, is it forever yet?"
"I'm bein'-tend I'm a race car driver. Now I'm bein'-tend I'm a cat. Who got hit by a race car." And she flopped down on the ground in a heap. HA
She also says "muddah" (mother) and "bruddah," (brother) and with such gusto. It's hilarious!
But she only says Daddy, never father. Or faddah.

Isabelle Kate still insists on being a princess ballerina- who happens to have a mermaid tail- when she grows up. And on marrying a prince. The beautiful dreams of a five year old!

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Sennie said...

And funny!!!!

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