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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, October 1, 2012

SuNdAy FuN dAy!

I can't believe it's October!!! It's going to be a great month!

Yesterday was the 5th Sunday of the month, and our new church celebrated by mixing up the schedule a bit and having a church-wide luncheon. It was so neat! There are 3 "5th Sundays" each year, and we'll do something fun for each one. Does anyone else's church do something different or special for this day?

Someone has taken a liking to walking around in Mommy's shoes!
 Me & my favorite girl in the whole world

One of Bill's childhood friends was having a surprise birthday party in the afternoon so we crashed attended that. It was really nice to see Bill laugh so loud with some of his old buddies. I spent a long while chatting with the guest of honor's Mom, and throughout our various conversations, wouldn't you know that one concern always seemed to surface: What to Wear, ha! For this and that- and everything in between. I thought it was funny that even when you get a little older, it's still always about the clothes.

FYI, she was wearing an adorable, punchy ruched top.
I felt a tad drab wearing a black tank and cap-sleeve sweater with some army green slacks. But my lipstick was bright, and I had on cute shoes!

And since it was still raining, we thought it would be fun to bring the crew swimming. 
For that, I have pictures to share.

Driving doesn't have to be boring!

But quieter drives are nice sometimes too.
Enter new BFF- DVD player in the car
Which I swore I would never ever ever have
I really honestly truly love you, my tiny little boxy friend!
Eww! You can't tell we have a dog or anything by the sorry state of the windows!
We'll just call that Canine Art. Or Doggie Doodles.

The water in the big pools was too frigid for my spoiled taste.
So I enjoyed the hot tub with a classic read, ie, Edward & Bella. Ha
After that, I snapped these...
 **that is Caleb above - you just can't see his adorable face!**

 Proof I was really there!
It was so humid my hair was taking flight by the time we left!

You are witnessing a 7-rotation backwards somersault right there folks!
 Up for air...look at those beautiful eyes!
 Mr. Glare Face in the background
I was determined to get a smile
 I always win  =)

Caleb loves the water so so much, and he is fast, which means:
no pictures of Caleb in the pool, ha

 Our other little fishie

Ladies, aren't you jealous?
 Look all you want, but he's all mine!
Well, don't look at the glaring red foot that I didn't see until just now...

Isabelle wanted to drip water on my toes, so I obliged and this is what she did!
Silly {clever} girl

I have no idea what's going on here, but it made me smile so I'll include it

The drive home was beautiful even with cloudy, rainy skies!
So brilliant!
Oh, and Oreo cows on the farm...gotta have those!

We're driving along and suddenly Bill SLAMS on the brake...
 Apparently this particular stretch of the road is the official Duck Crossing!
No casualties!

And then a little blue sky...for about 9.62 seconds
It has been raining ever since.
I also adore my moon roof- this vehicle was such an answer to prayer! I'll have to share later.
God CARES about the big things AND the little things in our lives!
It's still raining now! 
Oh well, laundry and other fun house-y things await, so I'm going to crank up my playlist and get to it!


The Students Wife said...

The little duck crossing is so cute! Thanks for following.. I"m following back now :)

Theresa said...

Wow, you sure do pack a lot into a day! Looks like everyone had fun. Were you the only ones at the pool place?

Nicole said...

Hahah! Our windows are FULL of "doggy doodles." I'm definitely going to have to start calling them that now. :) Haha! Looks like you had fun! :D

1001tears said...

I love your blog! I have two sons plus one Beijing Beauty!!

I am following you from the blog hop at the naptime review.

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