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Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Beautiful Birthday Girl & Other Things

This weekend was jam-packed!

This is just...I just answered a phone call alerting me to a 2-hour delay this morning- woo hoo!!!! No morning rush today...

Where was I? Oh right.
On Saturday, we got to celebrate this beautiful 6-year-old!

See the sparkles???
I let her wear some make-up for her birthday dinner. And her fairy Halloween costume. She was just a little bit excited about it.  :)

Earlier in the day - she wore her class birthday crown all day long!
She was up a little earlier than normal, too, ha ha
 Birthday loot!
Most of these photos are blurry because everyone was moving so fast, especially the birthday girl! I have never seen her so giddy and excited!

Happy 6th Birthday, Isabelle Kate!

A new polka dot bathrobe!

And the key to any girl's heart... shoes!

  Glittery ones! Her Daddy put them on her feet just like Cinderella.

The boys were at Ethan's soccer game late Saturday night so it was just Birthday Girl and me. We snuggled in front of the tree and read two stories before bed.

Bear Stays Up & If You Take A Mouse To The Movies

I was secretly relieved she didn't choose Small One again.
I cannot make it through that book without sobbing.

Jonah had his special night out with Dad to go shopping for "his person" and Bill gave him some money for the claw thing at Toys R Us. We never do that stuff (I guess that what makes Guys Night Out memorable, ha), and he won this Comet reindeer for Isabelle. He was over the moon excited to have won something for little sister, on her birthday no doubt! What a tender heart Jonah has.

So anyhoo, Comet had to be in our Stories-By-Christmas-Tree-Light Birthday picture.

Here is the birthday girl at school on Friday.
If you've been reading for a while, then you know that one of her favorite traditions is to get to wear a summer dress for her birthday, since it's in the middle of December. I never really thought about it before, but summer dresses just make her happy, so...summer dress it is!

Of course, when your hair is still wet and you don't have so much as chapstick on, someone offers to take your picture. Of course. :/

It started snowing yesterday after church, so we plopped down to watch a little Elf together. My kids think it's hi-lar-i-ous that I gag every.single.time Buddy eyes the "candy" on the street. You know what part I'm talking about, right?

All dressed up for the Christmas program at church last night.
Someone was not thrilled about being a shepherd and wearing a "tunic."
While getting ready, that someone cried. A lot.

Guess she got over it. ;)

Oh there were other issues during the performance, folks. Of course. Saving those gems for later, ha.

When the older kids were on stage, I couldn't find Ethan and leaned over to ask Bill where he was standing- all I saw were really older looking boys, like high school age boys.

I nearly gasped when I realized that my boy looks like a high school student.
From his have-to-shave face down to his now-size 11 feet.

But he'll always be my little boy.

Have a great Monday!
I know many of us will be keeping grieving families in our hearts and prayers today and throughout the week.

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