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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our First Big Break of 2013

Oh wait, did you think I meant the good kind? Nope. Poor Caleb, he is having a rough time of it adjusting to limited mobility, discomfort and "itchiness." We hear all about the itchiness on a minute to minute basis, poor little guy.

The boys had been begging Bill to take them skating Sunday afternoon, and finally he relented, which actually makes the whole thing a little bitter-er. No need to bore you with the rest of the story- I'm sure you've already figured it out.   :)

Bill brought Caleb to the ER later that night because we just weren't sure if it was broken or not. When Jonah's was broken, it just hung there really funny, so you knew.

They weren't gone very long...Bill told me there were a gazillion people in the waiting room, all holding puke buckets and hacking away, and there would be a 3+ hour wait, so we thought trying to get a good night's rest was better than that alternative.

So Caleb and I hung out Monday morning together, and I must say, aside from the him-being-in-pain part, I was completely happy about it. It felt like a warm, happy familiar memory, those days together when it was just him and me. So I doted on him and loved every second of it! We headed in for X-rays after Isabelle returned home around 11:00.

I was still holding out hope that it wasn't broken. Maybe just a sprain or soreness. But Caleb isn't overly dramatic and has a pretty high pain tolerance, so deep down I think I really did know. Then the doctor came into our curtained triage area asking which hand he writes with, and that cinched it.

Fractured in two places, one over the growth plate. She totally freaked me out about the possible problems resulting from that, and she kept going on and on, and I just needed her to be done! One thing at a time, people! One thing at a time.

They put a ginormous cast on him there, and believe me, was I SO mad at myself for not pushing the issue of taking a shower beforehand! I knew he should have, but he played me like a fiddle. ;) 

Oh well, he got one with a plastic bag over his arm later that night. And at least there won't be excessive sweating at this time of year, so that's a plus, ha.

We'd been playing Connect Four, and were hanging out watching Boy Meets World. Funny! I saw that show as a kid, but apparently not the later episodes after they were all grown up. The Mom was having a 4th baby, and he almost died. I was seriously choked up! In the end, the Dad said a prayer for all the sick babies, and they brought their now-healthy Joshua Gabriel home. Insert long sigh.
Plus, we have a Jonah Gabriel...funny funny!

Crackin' wise like normal...we were making special treats, you know, to ease the pain.

Caleb got the official cast on Tuesday morning, and the prognosis looks great, so we're extremely thankful it wasn't something mores serious. He'll still have plenty of snowboard and ski time left too, since the final cast should be off in 5-6 weeks, which of course, he was very worried about.

The morning is marching forward and I don't want a repeat of yesterday, so I'm off. This has been one of the busiest weeks ever! And I don't even have extra projects going on right now, yikes! 
Have a great day!

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