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1 Corinthians 3:17

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Beautiful Day to Spring Forward

Ahh. Today was just one of those days you soak up and hope to relive again and again. Aside from Caleb still not feeling well, it was just one of those perfect Saturdays that make you feel so, so good! We didn't even do anything out of the ordinary, but just so I'll always remember, I'm writing a list. Anyone reading this who knows me personally is chuckling right now.  =)

~a leisurely pancake breakfast with sunshine pouring through the French doors in the kitchen

~Jonah's {winning}soccer game with Mimi and Grampy, and watching Isabelle skip back and forth, giggling the most delightful little girl giggle in the whole world all the while

~boys shooting hoops with Dad in the shorts!

~Isabelle blowing bubbles out on the deck without a coat or jacket on, and laying with Ryder afterwards

~a nice, long walk by myself (also sans jacket), listening to cheerful birdsong, and thinking thinking thinking

~finally deciding on a floor for the dining room...and kitchen! Lowe's with Jonah and Bill, and ordering it

~also deciding on a system for our very small closet and picking that up (same trip), along with a new faucet, and having a coupon for it all

~choosing to stop painting the smaller bathroom a color I'm just not loving, and feeling GREAT about that because I have learned that lesson the hard way

~opening the windows both upstairs and downstairs

~more walks with the children and Bill and the dog

~actually getting the ball in the net a few times (wow! no, really, wow!)

~replacing the snowman on the front door with my favorite floral arrangement

~going to a store to browse all by myself after dinner

~finding sunglasses on sale

~and now, here I sit in a quiet house, everyone upstairs asleep while Bill and Ethan are at his soccer game- I never like to miss his games, but it feels absolutely divine to putter around here, cleaning up the kitchen, rearranging some Easter decorations, and looking through pictures all by my lonesome for a little while

Today was a beautiful day!

ps. tomorrow it will be light after 6 pm!!!!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!

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