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1 Corinthians 3:17

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Things This Week

I spent lots of time in the kitchen this week. I don't hear anybody complaining...
(I'll share the recipe for this cheesy herb bread soon!)

After a whole week out of school, the cute one on the left is finally feeling better!
 (oh that Mater blanket lives on!)

Today my niece Darianna turns 19 years old! She came over for lunch today so we celebrated, just us girls.

 (Should the fact that Isabelle proudly exclaimed "I will win because I cheat" be of concern?)

(Darianna's favorite color is purple)

Making playdough like my Mom used to make for me- so warm and squishy!

Really needed these pretty petals to get through another wintry, snowy, windy week.

Okay, this may have caused spontaneous bursts of dancing and singing last night...
 (well we got a new toilet too, but I suppose I needn't post pictures of that

The party kept on going today too...with big plans to adios that ugly medicine cabinet!

 It's heavier than it looks! Which might be why it nearly crashed to the floor. Oops.
It was sort of suspended by the electrical cords at the top-- and some of the screws had been put in crooked and weren't coming back out!-- but I was getting closer! 
Cue more dancing and singing, visions of pretty tulip fixtures swirling in my head. 
And then...

Oh crap.

Now that's going to require a little creative thinking because I am NOT patching up another wall in this house! (The photo is slightly misleading-- that hole is ginormous!)

On a happier note, the boys are going to rip up some tiles tonight. Cannot even wait!!!!

ps- No, I didn't put that hole in the wall. Phew!

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