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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Whoops! Yesterday was such a busy day-- in the best way...lots of things accomplished!-- that this little post didn't quite make the deadline. So let's pretend that this is still the day after Easter for a few more minutes, allrighty?

I can hardly put into words how wonderful our weekend was! Family gatherings, lots of time spent outside, Isabelle and me in our matching Easter dresses (so much fun!), leisurely walks and dreaming-of-the-future talks, and a genuine recognition of and gratitude for all that Easter weekend encompasses.

And how much my heart swelled as I looked at these four.
They are my greatest gifts. Sometimes I can't even believe that I get the honor of being their mother! It is a tremendous feeling.

My man cleans up nice.  =)

I think this picture is super sweet and adorable--

Bill took everyone swimming on Saturday afternoon, and I had a few hours to myself, mostly spent racing from crowded store to even more crowded store, but it was still so much fun. As I was buying my men new ties (don't the colors look so good together!?!) and a few other things, I was overcome with emotion, quite literally as I was walking out to the car, realizing how easy it is for me to get things that my children need and even want. I know this is a luxury that so many mothers who also love and adore their children do not have, and it completely hoked me up, right there in the middle of the parking lot. I felt so thankful and blessed, and honestly, undeserving.

Caleb took this picture. Umm, oops!
Never mind the fact that it's a completely bizarre angle, but the wind had picked up and Isabelle kept wrapping her little arms around my neck and caressing my hair (it's a new thing-- cute but not the greatest for photo ops), soooo... At least you can see a little of our matching dresses. We'll have to do another photo shoot when the weather gets back above freezing, hopefully later this week!

Saturday morning we invited Bill's family over for an Easter Brunch and had a wonderful time.
I cannot get enough of seeing my oldest son with a baby in his arms! Quite possibly the most precious sight ever! My adorable niece Naomi is getting so big-- her glasses are fairly new, and I think she looks like such a doll in them.

It was like Wee Wii Dance, ha!

 Beautiful tulips from my mother in law. Sneakers the cat has been in love (note the bite marks, ha)!

Lots of play time the rest of the day. The boys are really giving good ole' Dad a run for the money now! I love watching them and listening to them whoop and holler so much!

I think she has illustrated our whole walkway three times now because it has rained just enough each day to "erase her fwow-wuhs." 

Last night I was returning one of her little animals to her bed (she might have been a tad naughty at bedtime and had it taken away...what!?!), and I just had to stand there watching her. I couldn't steal myself away from listening to her sweet little inhalations and gazing at the angel smile on her face. She is growing up so fast, and while it kills me, I love who she is becoming too. Most of the time I completely forget the fact that I did not carry her inside me because she is such a vital part of me. It's a connection I can't quite explain, and it's powerful and beautiful.

After church on Sunday we went to my parent's house to meet up with family. Regrettably I have no pictures to prove it...I was too busy talking! (and possibly eating, ha!) This weekend has really reminded me of how much I love my family. They are so good to us, and I love them to pieces!

Oh, I made these yesterday afternoon! They were SO easy and SO delicious! And yeast usually hates me! I'll share the recipe soon.

The air turned super cold so I couldn't get the fashion shoot I was hoping for, but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of Isabelle's Easter dress.

I made the dress up as I went along, so to speak, and I wish I had made the bodice just a leeetle bit smaller. This girl can get away with anything, though, so nothing to worry about. I love the lace detail! (FYI- lace melts quickly when a hot iron barely touches it. Not that I would have any particular reason for knowing that, ahem...)

I love how the pleats look!

I'm thinking of selling some of these "slip skirts" in my Etsy shop. They add fullness like a petticoat but have no stiff netting to contend with, and they can be worn alone as a pretty skirt because I lined the top tiers. I'll have to take some proper pictures soon.
I think I'll always remember pinning in these pleats and hemming the skirt by hand, snuggling next to Bill on the couch, watching a movie. Or was it basketball? Probably the latter. Okay, so it wasn't what was on that I'll remember, it was more the sitting side by side part, working on our little girl's dress.
The night before Easter.
You'd think I'd learn.

I was playing around with edits and this happened by accident. I love the look of it, so I added text, and I may print it out for next year.

I remember my Dad always coming home with three Easter Lilies in hand-- one for Mom, one for Nana (her mother), and one for Gram (Dad's Mom). The older I get, the more meaningful these memories seem to be.

Have a wonderful week!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! Such a beautiful family :) I love the Easter dress!

I found you through Too Cute Tuesday!

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