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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hauling Rock...and Other Landscape Inspiration

I did it! I finished the rock wall in the front yard!
Okay, so it wasn't actually the rock wall I had in a moment of sheer design inspiration insanity, I started hauling rocks along the foundation of the house and now there is now a lovely, sweeping rock wall on the right side of our home that was nary a thought just 48 hours ago.
Please tell me other people do that, too! (Of course, the original -- and much larger -- rock wall down by the street still beckons, but that one is SOOOO big, and I think I needed to just finish something already. You know?

On Tuesday morning I woke up still heartsick over the Marathon tragedy and decided to take Ryder for a nice, long walk around the pretty southern side of town. Well, it was a long walk anyway--Ryder is not the most enjoyable walking companion! -- and I decided to look for some inspiration for our yard and front door.

This house has always been a favorite of mine. I love the attention to detail.
I realize I've lopped off the entire top of the house, but in my defense, I felt incredibly awkward snapping photos of someone else's space, and the dog kept tugging me along, so before I edited it, it was incredibly crooked too, ha!

This is the porch on the back side, adjacent to what I think is an attached mother-in-law apartment.
It's so charming and pretty!

This rock wall is gorgeous, and I adore the covered entrance to the home. This style is not typical New England, where front porches are narrow and straight, to save on costs, no doubt.

I was able to inspect this wall up close without seeming creepy (at least I hope not!) because the sidewalk went right by it. Good thing, because I noticed that it was much wider than I first realized, which makes constructing a wall much easier! The pieces fit into place better, and it certainly seems sturdier.

This one is my favorite, not even for any reason in particular. I've just always loved it. This one was super tricky to photograph because I was literally in the middle of a busy-ish street,, and while that tree is beautiful, it takes up almost every angle in the shot. I decided it would be safest to not take my good ol' time with this one and hop back up on the sidewalk.

Because it's just so pretty...

And then of course I noticed the owner coming outside, and here I was, snapping away. So I snapped extra quick and trucked it out of there. I mean, went my merry way.

So, now our house...
This is the humble beginnings of my rock wall, the one that feels like it will take the rest of my life. Or kill me. Believe me when I say, I'm already a little wounded.

Well, after my walk, and being inspired, I came home and did what every do-it-yourselfer would do -- I started on an entirely new rock wall! And yes, this one is done!
Do you see it yet? Up there in the background?

Please ignore the bramble and brush...oh, and those awwwwwwwwwful orange steps...but you can see the new wall which sweeps around the corner. I just got a few plants for it today, so now I've got to get it all ready. Currently, it's a moss-infested, orange mulch of a mess. It will be great!

And here are the first flowers in our new yard!
Of course everyone keeps crushing and bruising them with wayward basketballs, but...

Okay, I hear the kindergarten bus so off I go! Have a great Thursday!

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