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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Sewing Project That Made Me Curse

I've been sewing things my entire life, and I can attest to that wonderful feeling you get when you pour your heart and soul into a project and all the seams just happen to line up perfectly, the gathers or what have you just fall beautifully into place, and the whole piece comes out even better than you hoped for.

And then there are those other projects. You know the ones. Nothing lines up, this part is far shorter than that part, it puckers in the worst possible spot, you can't get the sizing right no matter how many times you measure, re-measure, and force ask your child to try it on yet again.


I thought it would be soooo easy to whip up a gymnastics leotard for Isabelle...I read tutorial after tutorial, arming myself with the necessary knowledge, and I was certain it would be effortless and fun. Hours in, and probably on the third or fourth re-do, a colorful little adjective unexpectedly flew off my lips and I knew that was it. (Yes, I was alone-- no witnesses...phew!) I was done. No more wasted time or resources. Now just catching a glimpse of that swanky, shiny silver metallic lame-- and then the added-on-so-it-might-actually-fit-this-time hot pink crushed panne bodice-- gets my heartbeat going double-time and my shoulders tense up. It's time to put in another Etsy order for a new leotard, especially since I adore the first one that I actually bought.

I have made plenty of things with no "real" pattern before, and I guess this one was just not meant to be! (I was going to insert a "ha" there, but alas, I am not ready to laugh about it just yet...) I can't even bear to share a picture of the poor thing, thinking ahead to spare Isabelle some future humiliation.

So we just made some homemade granola to ease our troubled minds, and wouldn't you know, the blog post for that recipe is April 10, 2012! I thought that was kind of neat. It was a rainy day then, and Jonah was home sick; Ethan has been home sick this week, and it has rained off and on since Monday evening. Weird, right? Stuff like that makes me glad I write down all the little details.

Ethan and I were bonding over The Matrix this morning while I finished up this sweet little least not everything was a bust this week! ;o)

I really like the polka dots with the chevron band. I think I'll put it in the shop, but it might be missing something-- a bow maybe? Any thoughts?

Oh, and I will soon have something new to share about our house soon, but for now enjoy this grainy pic...
Bathroom One, almost done!

Have a great week!


marufhosen said...

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Kristen Fleming said...

LOVE the dress, and LOVE the bathroom!!!
Kristen F.

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